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SoundThread Music Blog's Top Tracks of 2021

SoundThread Music Blog - Top 40 Songs of 2020

I can't believe we're already at the end of 2021! Where did the time go? Undoubtedly, 2020 was a challenge in more ways than anyone ever anticipated, but it established some of the virtual framework that allowed the music community to more easily get through some aspects of 2021.

2021 arrived with opening credits of optimism and return to normalcy. In-person music performances returned and musicians were able to physically reunite with their fans in performance venues across the planet. In many ways, we have been moving in the right direction. But it hasn't been a permanent transition as the year progressed. As new strains of the virus surfaced and associated restrictions and precautions returned, some might look back at 2020 as a dress rehearsal for 2021.

2021 has been a year during which persistence and innovation of musicians, songwriters, performers and producers reigned once again - and the creative output was massive and mind-blowing. Like last year, it's difficult to limit the annual SoundThread Music Blog "top tracks" to just 20. So it's a Top 40 again - and that's just the tip of the iceberg of songs that carried me through 2021.

If you're a Spotify subscriber, check out the accompanying Spotify playlist so you can easily listen to SoundThread Music Blog's Top 40 Tracks of 2021.

Queue it up, have a listen, share with your friends, and let's raise a glass (or two) and re-roll those optimistic opening credits this New Years Eve for a "take two" in 2022!

  1. ANGUS POWELL "Holding Up The Heavy"

  2. LORD HURON "Not Dead Yet"

  3. SQUIRREL FLOWER "I'll Go Running"

  4. FOREVER HONEY "Satellite"

  5. COBI "Shadows"


  7. NATION OF LANGUAGE "Wounds Of Love"

  8. BEN RICE "Taste Like Sugar"

  9. LÉON "Soaked"

  10. ABBA "Don't Shut Me Down"

  11. ALLISON PONTHIER "Harshest Critic"

  12. CADE HOPPE "On My Way Down"

  13. NIGHT FLIGHT "Dreaming"

  14. EIGHTY NINETY "Heart On The Line"

  15. KÅRP "It Looks Bad"

  16. PURE XTC "Old Wounds"


  18. IMAGINE DRAGONS "Wrecked"

  19. COURSE "Sixteen"

  20. TRAPPER SCHOEPP "Yellow Moon"

  21. FREEDOM FRY "Smile"

  22. GEDE "Truth"

  23. MIDDLE YOUTH "Chocolates"

  24. STELLA EXPLORER "Kill It Before It Dies"

  25. AWALK "Light"

  26. THE CURRYS "Man On The Side"

  27. FAUVELY "May3e"

  28. JAY MINERS "Mulberry"

  29. HEATMAPS "Easy Shape"

  30. THE MAINE "Sticky"

  31. VOIX "Anywhere"

  32. QUINN LEWIS "Don't Love Back"

  33. JEFF PIANKI "Breakfast (Audiotree Live Version)"

  34. DONKEYBOY "Kentucky"

  35. NEUHAUS "Okay, Maybe Not"

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