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pure xtc | Nobody's Home (debut EP)

It is said that a change of scenery can spark one's creativity. For singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Hughes, her change of scenery involved a relocation from NYC to Kansas City, Missouri during the pandemic. The new surroundings became an impetus to gain new perspective and put the wheels in motion to launch her new solo project, pure xtc.

pure xtc's debut single, "Ghost," was released in July 2021, gathering notable attention from listeners, along with numerous playlist placements. Follow-up single, "Bad Dreams" received similarly positive reviews, media attention and airplay from radio stations worldwide. As the pandemic began to lighten a bit, pure xtc had the opportunity to perform at Kansas City Pride (main stage) in August and has intertwined herself in the Kansas City music scene. As a queer black artist herself, pure xtc strives to gain visibility and representation for POC and the LGBTQIA+ community through her music.

Following the success of her singles, pure xtc releases her debut EP, Nobody’s Home. The album takes fans along for the highs and the lows of a very volatile year, from Taylor's perspective. The EP was written and recorded remotely in pure xtc's home studio with Walter Kazmier and Mike Piacentini (Depeche Mode, Cheap Trick) at Sony Music Entertainment’s Battery Studios.

In addition to the two previously-released singles, the new tracks on Nobody's Home nicely round out the palette of musical variations that pure xtc creates. In the charged opening track "Begin," Taylor introduces the name 'pure xtc' in the song's lyrics. The slower-paced, brooding "Matches" is driven by a steady, subtle pulsing synth sequence, with guest vocals by Pistol Pete. The brief, dark-sounding, and spoken word "Underwater" gives way to the stunning closing track "Old Wounds." The synth sequences and percussion patterns on "Old Wounds" are bold and commanding, with Taylor's mesmerizing and melodic vocals elevating this incredible track to magnificent sonic heights. This is a clear standout track - what a great way to end this impressive debut release!

For more information about pure xtc, visit the official project website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and find pure xtc's music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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