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New Music Spotlight (March 2024)

A week ago, we celebrated International Women's Day (IWD), a day of collective global activism and celebration that honors achievements of women and promotes women's rights and equality. While this music-related post may come a week late, the theme and intent of IWD are ones that need to be supported and advanced every day of the year.

The spotlight this month is cast upon six incredibly talented and emerging women singer-songwriters and musicians. Read on and listen to captivating new songs from pure xtc, Mere Child, Katey Brooks, Amanda Bergman, Bryde, and Jacqline. If you like what you hear in this New Music Spotlight post, please share with your friends and add these great new songs to your music playlists.

Be sure to check out the SoundThread Music Blog Spotify playlist where you can stream the songs below and a lot more great new indie tunes!

pure xtc | Fall Apart (new single)

Pulsing synths and a driving bassline fuel the mesmerizing, energized vibe of "Fall Apart," the new single from pure xtc, the musical moniker of Kansas City-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Hughes.

"This release has been so special and it’s just the beginning of what I have planned for the year," Taylor comments on social media. And special it is indeed! This is seriously one killer track with a massive presence and vibe. Taylor's strong, hypnotic vocals are especially outstanding, delivering the track's lyrical theme about being "...the queen of the pity party | unraveled, jaded and cracked down to my core," and falling apart all weekend.

The recording sessions for "Fall Apart" mark the first time Taylor (a professional drummer) tracked live drums since becoming a solo artist. "[It] felt so special and it added so much more soul to the track," Taylor comments.

An accompanying short film for "Fall Apart" is set for a March 20 release, and will signify the inception of a compelling trilogy, a series of short films that will unfold throughout the year, ultimately leading to the release of pure xtc's debut full-length album.

Mere Child | Storms (new single)

I'm invariably moved and impressed by the dreamy, melancholic vocals and stellar songwriting of Brighton-based artist Mere Child, the dream/indie-pop project of singer-songwriter Aimée Herbert. It is no surprise that new single, "Storms," undoubtedly and equally impresses.

Written, performed, and recorded by Aimée, with her brother Jon on piano, the atmospheric vibe of "Storms" is an apt sonic accompaniment to its heartening lyrical theme that deals with past trauma in the present, not being able to let go and struggling to navigate relationships. Aimée's dreamy vocals gently glide atop the ethereal sonic layers of "Storms" and equally take center stage along with the outstanding songwriting that gave birth to the song. If 4AD's Ivo Watts-Russell ever had an inkling of continuing with his This Mortal Coil or The Hope Blister music projects, I cannot think of a better vocal lead or contributor than Aimée's voice.

"Storms" is a lovely song that soothes, calms, and enables one to escape the chaos and stress of everyday life. Aimée comments on social media, "For anyone else struggling, trying to work out how to be kinder to yourself in this hectic life, feeling it all so deeply, from the past, or the present, this is for you too!"

Katey Brooks | I'm Gonna Marry You (Acoustic Version) (new single)

Bristol-based indie songwriter, producer and singer Katey Brooks spent the bulk of 2023 writing songs as part of her "song a day challenge" - writing a song a day for an entire year. While the abbreviated teaser clips were public on Katey's social media accounts, her Patreon followers had an intimate, front-row seat for taking in the full song-a-day challenge experience (with full-length versions of each song).

The first song to receive an official re-recording and release is the touching "I'm Gonna Marry You," (Song #47 from 26 Feb 2023). Katey comments about the official release: "My stripped back acoustic version of last year's favourite song from the 'song a day' project 'I'm Gonna Marry You is now available everywhere for you to stream 'til your heart's content."

For anyone unfamiliar with Katey's music, her songwriting style is in the vein of iconic musicians the likes of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, with a sound that blends folk, soul, blues, and Americana. Her lyrics draw inspiration from elements of her past, including a troubled childhood in a religious cult, a debilitating illness in her twenties, and the shattering loss of her mother and her best friend. Her heartfelt, expressive vocals emanate emotional honesty, drawing the listener into the melodic and magical sonic landscape of her songs. Her most recent album, Revolute, was released in 2019 to huge critical acclaim across the world including a 'Best Album of the Year' credit from music magazine Popdust.

Here's to hoping that we'll soon be graced with more official releases of Katey's 'song a day' compositions!

Amanda Bergman | Wild Geese, Wild Love / Day 2000 Awake (new singles)

Eight years ago, Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Bergman released her stunning debut album, Docks. Most widely known as the lead vocalist of Swedish indie band Amason, Amanda returns with the first taste of music from her forthcoming sophomore album, Your Hand Forever Checking On My Fever, in the form of two new songs, "Wild Geese, Wild Love" and "Day 2000 Awake."

Amanda comments about "Wild Geese, Wild Love" on social media: "I don’t know about you, but as one gets more mature and worn down, relations get more and more important. They kind of step into the golden light." She continues, "This song is for my dad, for his guidance on empathy and sanity. Hope he's still overlooking mountains."

Both songs are stunning and feature Amanda's expressive, soothing, and instantly recognizable vocals that emanate waves of serenity that are absorbed into the psyche of the listener.

As we anxiously await the forthcoming album, take in the impressive live studio session of Amanda performing "Wild Geese, Wild Love", along with Petter Winnberg (bass), Petter Granberg (guitar), Mikael Sundin (keys), and Hovis (drums).

Bryde | Change Your Mind (new single)

London-based singer-songwriter Bryde releases her new single, "Change Your Mind," an inspirational, upbeat song that is the title track of her forthcoming EP, due out March 22. The musical moniker of Sarah Howells, Bryde emerged in the indie folk/rock scene in late 2015, releasing several stunning singles and EP's, in addition to three outstanding albums (Like an Island, The Volume of Things, Still).

Musically, "Change Your Mind" is packed full of catchy hooks, with a bright, energized chorus and glistening with Sarah's charming, resolute and melodic vocals. On social media, Bryde remarks that the song "... is about opinion, mindset, perspective... giving ourselves and others the freedom to change."

In addition to "Change Your Mind," Bryde's forthcoming EP will also feature previous single releases, "But I Come Back Down" and "A Way."

Jacqline | Effortless (new single)

The 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place this year on May 11 in Malmö, Sweden. In the qualifiers leading up to Sweden's entry for the contest, one of the songs that particularly caught my attention, but did not win the finals, was "Effortless" by singer-songwriter Jacqline.

Jacqline Mossberg Mounkassa's career in music started at an early age, dropping out of school at age 16 to pursue music full-time. Following the release of her debut single, "Do It Better," in the Spring of 2021, she competed in the 17th season of Sweden's Idol, coming in as runner up to that year's winner, Birkir Blær.

Written by Jacqline, together with Dino Medanhodzic, Jimmy Jansson, Moa Carlebecker, and Thomas G:son, "Effortless" is packed full of all the elements that make a catchy, sing-along pop song, laden with infectious hooks and harmonies. The track was a standout for me in the qualifiers that led up to the Sweden's eventual winning selection ("Unforgettable" by Marcus & Martinus). Had "Unforgettable" won the Swedish qualifiers, it would have fittingly represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, posing a serious contender for a win.

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