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Fauvely | May3e (new single and video)

Chicago-based indie rock/dream pop band Fauvely releases its new single and accompanying music video for "May3e," a track taken from the band's forthcoming debut album, Beautiful Places, due out March 12.

Fronted by singer-songwriter Sophie Brochu, Fauvely released its impressive debut EP, Watch Me Overcomplicate This, in early 2017. Along with Sophie, the band is comprised of Dale Price (lead guitar, keyboards), Dave Piscotti (drums) and Phil Conklin (bass). Their forthcoming album is engineered and mixed by Chace Wall, who also recorded the band's 2019 EP, This is What the Living Do.

The hazy, slow-paced "May3e" features Sophie's delicate and emotive vocals leading the song through its atmospheric, nocturnal production. The lazy, chill vibe of the track gradually builds to a glistening, anthemic guitar bridge which is truly outstanding. Fans of indie/shoegaze bands the likes of Mazzy Star, Slowdive and Lush will immediately be drawn to the fresh, emerging indie vibe of Fauvely.

There's always a light | there's always the dark.

There's always a road | it's only my heart.

On Fauvely's Facebook page, Sophie explains how this quarantine-written number came to life musically: "'May3e' started off with a chord progression that we decided to cut mid-recording. Dale plays this really soft atmospheric guitar part (we call them whale sounds) that we wanted to shine through along with Dave's pitter-pattering drums. But I could hear something else in my head. Dale's rig was set up in the control room, so I sat with it and figured out what we now refer to as the 'boing line.' I was borrowing Dale's guitar, but he was helping to adjust the effects...a lil bit of tremolo was just what we needed."

The tracks on the band's forthcoming album Beautiful Places are about finding beauty where it might not traditionally exist. Fauvely comments, "It's about duality: light and dark, memory and haze, being stuck and running away. It's about wanting more and needing less. Some of it autobiographical and some of it is not. This is a hopeful album about small moments of beauty and joy. We hope it brings you some sort of light in a world that can, at times, feel very dark."

The accompanying music video for "May3e" is filmed and edited by Dale Price and features late night driving by Sophie filmed in one take.

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