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KÅRP | It Looks Bad (new single)

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, KÅRP, the ambassadors of "death disco," release their euphoric and apocalyptic new single "It Looks Bad." With its lyrical theme centered on the chaotic state of our times, the track is the first new music from the band since 2020's alluring "Left Handed" single release and their eponymous debut album, Album I, which was awarded the Swedish Manifest Prize in early 2020.

Having drawn comparisons to The Knife, Lykke Li, and Grimes, KÅRP has continually developed and fine-tuned their sound since their debut single release, "Therapist^2" in October 2017. A dark love for the paranormal, outer space and the apocalyptic state of our times are recurring themes in both their music and lyrics.

"It Looks Bad" euphorically shimmers from its first notes, reminiscent of The Knife's "Silent Shout" in both tempo and frenetic synth pulsation. "Bring out the matches | 'cuz nobody will be here | no more grounds to stand on | nothing to grow here," are lyrics hauntingly delivered by lead vocalist Anna-Maria. The world is burning and "It Looks Bad" is your apocalyptic soundtrack.

"It Looks Bad" is the first taste of more new KÅRP music to follow next year in the form of a triptych of EP's centered around three stages of the apocalypse: Chaos, Silence, and The New World Order.

The makings of KÅRP's new single and upcoming EP's date back a few years. "In February 2019, we came back to Sweden from a show in LA to go on tour in Scandinavia," the band comments. "As the pandemic came the plans were changed. Instead we've been in the studio for about two years to compose this epic series of releases on the grand theme of apocalypse."

Providing deeper insight into the first single, the band reveals, "'It Looks Bad' is about how the world is burning, and how our generation has zero faith in the future. It's about how the things close to you are all that matter when the world is going down. If anything even matters. We see deadly police brutality, wildfires, pandemics, nazis in the European parliaments, George Floyd. We're fucked. It looks bad, to put it simple."

The heavy, dark beats and twisted voices prevalent in "It Looks Bad" are a sonic representation of the global chaos. "That's why the first leg of this triptych of EP's is pretty dark sounding," the band remarks. "The next one will be slightly more mellow. And on the last one, we're allowing ourselves a few major chords and some hope."

Exciting news on the near horizon indeed! In the meantime, add "It Looks Bad" to your apocalyptic music playlists and take in this mesmerizing, timely new track.

For more information about KÅRP, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find the band's music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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