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Eleven Point Two | Lost! (new single and video)

Los Angeles-based alternative/indie-pop duo Eleven Point Two casts a dynamic burst of color and optimism into the musical ether with its spirited new single, "Lost!" The track is the first new composition from the musical duo of Taylor Siegel (vocals, keys, guitar) and Jon Siegel (drums), who entered the music scene in 2017 with their single "Not Alone" and debut EP, Unidentified. More recently, the duo's 2019 debut album, Painting in the Dark, presented a firm testimony to the tight vocals, solid songwriting and clean production that emanates from Eleven Point Two's music. Singles such as "Take Me," "Monster," and "Don't Wanna Spend the Night Alone" have landed Eleven Point Two on Buzz Bands LA's Independent FM, Voyage LA Magazine, and WYCE Radio's Local Spins.

"Lost!" finds its sonic origins in the desire to break up monotony and isolation with an upbeat, energetic vibe. "This song began about exactly a year ago during quarantine," Eleven Point Two's Taylor Siegel tells SoundThread. "I wanted to write a fun song that listeners could dance to while also touching on some deeper emotions that I was feeling at the time." Taylor's soaring, earnest vocals narrate the more poignant aspects of isolation beneath the buoyant groove of "Lost!" Taylor comments, "The foundation of the lyrics comes from the realization that nothing accomplished really means much if you aren't surrounded by the people you care about and actively including them into your life."

I'm a mess when I'm alone

And all I know is

I'm Lost! without you

Trying not to let it show

But all I know is

I'm Lost! without you

While the recording and production aspects of "Lost!" are as strong as ever, Eleven Point Two continues to explore and broaden its creative process. The band comments that "Lost!" is "...the first song we recorded and mixed real acoustic drums on (versus using only Midi samples) which was a pretty big deal for us."

In conjunction with the release of "Lost!", the duo just released the single's accompanying music video, with both Taylor and Jon bringing even more electricity to this already infectious song. The visual aesthetics in the video take inspiration from the formative phase of the songwriting process. Taylor reveals, "As far as the visuals go, I had always associated this song with teal/green colors in mind. It seemed fitting to be releasing a more lighthearted song and brightly colored video after coming out of some of the toughest/most stressful times this past year."

For more information about Eleven Point Two, visit the band's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

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