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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (July 2021)

In this July 2021 edition of I'm Seeing Songs, we share six of our current music video favorites as the month draws to a close. These captivating visual accompaniments showcase elements of the artist performance, theme, location and other aesthetics that complement the music itself.

Read on and watch some great music videos from Freedom Fry, Piroshka, Little Visits, Imagine Dragons, Darin, and Hearts & Colors.

Freedom Fry | Smile

The California indie-pop duo Freedom Fry has been on a roll releasing one impressive, ear-catching song after another over the past several years. The half-American, half-French married duo of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll most recently graced our ears with their spectacular, upbeat all-French album, L'Invitation, and then followed up with a set of clever cover EP's (Reprises and Reprises II) that included their unique takes of Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Britney Spears' "Oops!...I Did It Again."

The duo's bouncy, electric new single, "Smile" will literally have you doing just what it states. Just one listen and I guarantee you'll be singing along to this optimistic, pick-me-up of an earworm. "Smile (x3) | The world lights up when you smile | Smile (x2) | I can't get enough of your smile." Check out the colorful and captivating music video for "Smile," directed by Freedom Fry with room design 'Stay A While' by Leah Guadagnoli.

Piroshka | Scratching At The Lid

The first time I saw the music video for "Scratching At The Lid" from UK indie outfit Piroshka, I was immediately drawn into this carefree, heartwarming video that captures the joy and freedom of a little girl who wakes up to learn there is no school today. Her priceless reaction at the start of the video will surely put a smile on your face. As we follow little Millie throughout her day off, we virtually tag along with dress up, make-up, karaoke, and general dancing and fun through the eyes of a child. This delightful five-minute video is a reminder to never stop dreaming and to remember to take a break for occasional, spontaneous fun.

Taken from Piroshka's sophomore album, Love Drips And Gathers (Bella Union), the UK supergroup of Miki Berenyi (Lush), KJ McKillop (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English), and Justin Welch (Elastica) emerged in 2018 with its eponymous debut album, Brickbat. The foursome continues to craft superb, cutting edge indie pop in the nine stunning tracks that comprise Love Drips And Gathers.

Little Visits | Tomorrowtown (Live from Eureka Records)

Songwriter, guitarist and producer Noah de Leon steps into the spotlight with his project Little Visits and his impressive alt-pop debut single, "Tomorrowtown." Packed full of glistening guitar hooks, infectious melodies, solid songwriting and Noah's heartfelt, emotive vocals, "Tomorrowtown" is the perfect indie soundtrack to summer drives and getaways.

Noah recently teamed up with a few fellow Michigan friends and musicians to record a live session of his new track at Eureka Records in Wyandotte, MI. Collaborating with Jason Singer (Michigander), Josh Kemp (Au Gres), Andrew Solway, and Brodie Glaza, Noah tracked a stunning, spot-on, live band performance of "Tomorrowtown" with engineering, mixing and mastering by Tyler Floyd. The live performance video was filmed by Kris Hermann and Jacob Floyd.

Imagine Dragons | Wrecked

Imagine Dragons never ceases to impress and amaze. Case in point is the band's powerful and touching new single, "Wrecked." Written by the band as a tribute to Daniel Reynolds' sister-in-law Alisha, who was taken by cancer in 2019, "Wrecked" is a juxtaposition of gentle, touching harmonies with a soaring, cathartic chorus that amplifies the powerful emotion relayed through the song's poignant lyrics.

Sometimes I wish that I could wish it all away One more rainy day without you Sometimes I wish that I could see you one more day One more rainy day

Oh, I'm a wreck without you here Yeah, I'm a wreck since you've been gone I've tried to put this all behind me I think I was wrecked all along Yeah, I'm a wreck

"Wrecked" is taken from the band's forthcoming album, Mercury, due out in September. In the song's accompanying music video, directed by Matt Eastin, we find Daniel Reynolds slowly making his way from a crowded reception at Caesar's Palace to the solace and memories of the ocean and sand.

Darin | Can't Stay Away

Swedish pop sensation Darin is back with his brand new single "Can't Stay Away," and his first new music in English since No Exit, his sixth studio album from 2013. Featuring a punchy, soulful vibe that'll make you want to jump on your feet, "Can't Stay Away" gives a nod to late-80's/early-90's Michael Jackson in its electric soundscape, production and lightning-quick vocal twists and turns. Since his near-win on Sweden's first season of Idol (2004), Darin Zanyar has rocketed to fame in his native country and beyond. The mega-talented pop star is ready to release his ninth studio album, and on a personal note, recently came out as a proud gay man.

With a powerful, ascending chorus that jumps right out of the track's cool, laid back verses, Darin is crafting pure dancefloor gold with the gem that is "Can't Stay Away." The song's accompanying retro video, directed by James Velasquez and produced by Peter Henningsson, is a fitting, colorful visual complement to this killer track.

Hearts & Colors | Need Me (acoustic version)

After taking a brief creative pause, the indie-pop duo of Hearts & Colors is back with brand new music. Singer-songwriters Nico Kjellberg & Philip Tillström started recording music together in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014, with a number of knockout cover songs from Bruno Mars, One Direction and others. The duo first found success in their own compositions with their 2016 song, "Lighthouse," which has since clocked over one million plays on YouTube.

Over the Hearts & Colors hiatus, Philip released music under his project DREAMDNVR, while Nico collaborated with Andreas Thordenburg as SoSo fauX. Following a few mystery Instagram posts in mid-May, the duo officially posted "..and WE'RE BACK!" on their social media pages in late May, and later announced "Need Me" as their comeback track. Along with the stunning, fully-produced version that's available on major streaming platforms, Nico and Philip also created a gorgeous, stripped down acoustic version of "Need Me" that showcases their stellar vocals and tight harmonies and released it as a live performance video on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

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