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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (March 2021)

We're nearly three months into 2021 and I can't believe I haven't yet done one I'm Seeing Songs post! So, here's to catching up. As we transition from winter to spring with more daylight and energy, I've collected a few music videos that showcase elements of the artist performance, theme, location or other captivating visual elements that complement the music itself.

Read on and watch music videos from in earnest, Darla Jade, Lord Huron, Course, Curtis Walsh & Anna Pancaldi, and Bird Concerns.

in earnest | Your Dog

The new double single release from Southend-on-Sea (UK) alt/indie trio in earnest is literally for the dogs. Band members Sarah, Tom and Toby have created a touching musical and poetic tribute to their dogs in the form of "Your Dog" (dedicated to Murph) and "Good Boy" (a memorial to Doug).

The band comments, "The first track was written while sitting on the floor with our dog Murph - it's made up of all the questions we would ask her if she could talk. The second track is about our other dog Doug who passed away in 2019, detailing how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet." The tracks originated with couple Sarah and Tom recording the tracks on an analogue recorder in their living room, and Toby later adding harmonium and violin from his home. "We recorded the songs spontaneously with Murph by our side and the dog paintings hanging next to us on the wall," the band reveals. "We wanted the homely feel of the recordings to seep into the tracks - complete with chairs creaking and Murph’s collar jingling in the background!"

The accompanying and heartwarming music video for "Your Dog" is one that many of us dog lovers can relate to - those precious moments that we spend outdoors with our four-legged friends who help us transcend the cares of everyday life and who allow us to live in the moment with them for a little while.

Darla Jade | Slow Motion

Emerging electro-pop artist Darla Jade's new single, "Slow Motion," is all about the feeling of wanting to live in the present moment ("Someone teach me how to live in the present | 'cause I wanna go there | Take me to the moment"). Written last September during the lockdown, it's the first single from Darla's forthcoming EP due to be released this summer. Co-written with Phys Fletcher and Michael Fletcher, the infectious "Slow Motion" paints a warm, summery soundscape that showcases Darla's ethereal, distinctive vocals wrapped in an energized, electronic 80's production. The single's accompanying music video is directed by Ed Stone and Beck Clewlow and features gorgeous scenery of the sun, sea, rocks and hilltops with Darla's engaging performance of the song.

Lord Huron | Mine Forever

Lord Huron fans who have been tuning into the band's recent Alive From Whispering Pines live streams will instantly recognize the new single and music video release from the Los Angeles indie-folk band. it wouldn't be the first time the band has given fans brief glimpses into its unreleased material. Directed by Tony Wilson, "Mine Forever" presents the audience with an artful and engaging blend of vintage-themed visuals that accompany this Old Western-themed number that makes you think of deserts, dustballs and outlaws. The smoky/blurred faces of all human beings in the video add to the charm and mystery in this visual accompaniment to the song. "Mine Forever" and prior single, "Not Dead Yet" are both taken from Lord Huron's forthcoming album, Long Lost, due out May 2021.

Course | Give It All Away

Chicago-based synth-pop band Course formed at the end of 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, closed venues and barred gatherings across the country. Comprised of Chicago musicians Jess Robbins (lead vocals), Chris Dye (drums), Dan Ingenthron (synth/keys), Mikey Russell (guitar) and Brian Weekly (bass), Course was forced to write and record most of its music in the virtual/online existence of 2020 as its members found creative ways to make music.

The band's debut single, the dreamy "Give It All Away," features a gently pulsing electronic soundscape upon which Jess's lush, melodic vocals effortlessly glide. The track's visual accompaniment comes in the form of a group of dancers who perform interpretive dance to the song. The video was directed by Lenny Gilmore, along with Lizzie MacKenzie (choreography), Malik Lemon (cinematography), and Lauren Malis (editing). "Give It All Away" will be featured on Course's forthcoming debut album, A Late Hour, coming May 21, 2021.

Curtis Walsh & Anna Pancaldi | Bend

The past year has taught us that it's possible to continue some aspects of our existence and work life over virtual meetings. In the songwriting world, that's exactly what singer-songwriters Anna Pancaldi and Curtis Walsh set out to do and came through with flying colors. The stunning result of their collaborative songwriting effort is their new single, "Bend."

Anna Pancaldi comments, "I wrote 'Bend' with the wonderful Curtis Walsh last summer remotely over Zoom and so it has been a new experience and quite exhilarating to be able to create, record and release music in a way many of us never have before. I am yet to meet Curtis and this is the first song we ever wrote!"

And if that's not amazing enough, watch the stunning, heartfelt music video for the song, produced by Brad Mair, with video production and direction by Morgan Art. This cinematic visual presents a series of diverse human faces with calm, focused gazes of hope and cautious optimism. Bringing the message home is the closing clip of a young boy removing his mask and smiling brightly.

Bird Concerns | Distance

Los Angeles-based indie/garage rock quartet Bird Concerns worked with director PJ Charles to create the music video for their new single, "Distance." The musical collective began as a collaboration between fellow CalArts students, Marcus Buser (Bass, Vocals), Travis Meador (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Sucher (Guitar, Vocals) and Cooper Wolken (Drums, Vocals).

Featuring cowboy hats, lassos and horseheads on motorcycles, the music video for "Distance" is interspersed with clips of the band members performing against colorful backdrops, along with band member Marcus' clever "mom dance" steps. "Distance" is another impressive single release from this emerging indie band, and the entertaining visuals nicely complement it.

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