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SoundThread Music Blog's Top Tracks of 2022

This post barely makes it in before the clock strikes midnight - wow, did 2022 pass by quickly! Once again, there was an abundance of incredible, groundbreaking and creative new music from indie and mainstream musicians alike to fill our ears and hearts with musical joy and excitement throughout the year.

Like last year, it's impossible to limit the annual SoundThread Music Blog "top tracks" to just 20. So it's a Top 40 once again - and that's just the tip of the iceberg of songs that carried me through 2022.

If you're a Spotify subscriber, check out the accompanying Spotify playlist so you can easily listen to SoundThread Music Blog's Top 40 Tracks of 2022.

Queue the playlist, have a listen, share with your friends, and raise a glass (or two) to reflect on the past year and celebrate a Happy New Year packed with more great new music to come!

  1. JUMP LITTLE CHILDREN | "Suburban Trees" - 'credits on the wall' and 'the end of the world playing on the radio' - truly stunning swan song from Charleston-based Jump Little Children's final album, Foundering.

  2. CAROLINE KINGSBURY | "Strawberry Sheets" - lush vocal arrangements, mesmerizing harmonies and infectious melodies abound in this upbeat musical earworm.

  3. DEAD PEOPLE | "Life Is Good" - moody, melodic, electronic - from the surprise musical collaboration of Anna Ternheim, Joakim Berg and Malcolm Pardon.

  4. DARKOMETRO | "Never Been" - euphoric and captivating nod to 90's-era shoegaze and indie pop.

  5. HEARTS & COLORS, DREAMDNVR | "Nobody Knows" - upbeat acoustic arpeggios surrounded by beats, atmospheric background synths and the tight vocal harmonies that only Nico and Philip can create.

  6. NATION OF LANGUAGE | "From The Hill" - fresh, modern, retro-synth from the Brooklyn-based trio that continually impresses with each new release.

  7. HAZLETT | "My Skin" - therapeutic, infectious songwriting and storytelling from the Australian-born musician's latest EP, Oh Downhill.

  8. BIG WILD | "The Efferusphere" - Hypnotic and uplifting, this euphoric tune hovers somewhere between Radiohead and acoustic Above & Beyond.

  9. GRIFF x SIGRID | "Head On Fire" - 'I think I'm losing my... mind' is what will be bouncing around in your head once you take in this uplifting power anthem.

  10. MATOMA feat. ARIZONA | "Heart So Big" - quite possibly the feelgood single of the year from Norwegian DJ Matoma and American electronic dance pop trio ARIZONA.

  11. WILD PINK | "ILYSM" - 'I love you so much' - outstanding, engaging, progressive title track from this NYC indie band's new album.

  12. THE HEAD AND THE HEART | "Every Shade Of Blue" - heartfelt and cinematic, with gorgeous orchestral arrangements and uplifting chorus.

  13. ALMOST OWEN | "Ordinary Day" - this oustanding, acoustic-based single from AO is an ode to living life to the fullest and exploring the 'limits of this life before the day's up.'

  14. GOLDPARK | "I Guess It's Never Enough" - outstanding, electric track from this Nashville-based indie rock band's long-awaited sophomore EP, Goldpark Two.

  15. DARIN | "Satisfaction" - infectious, pulsing, dancefloor filler from one of Sweden's biggest megastars.

  16. RÖYKSOPP feat. SUSANNE SUNDFØR | "Oh, Lover" - pure electro-pop perfection from the dynamic Norwegian electronic duo, elevated by Susanne Sundfør's enchanting vocals.

  17. LISA MISKOVSKY | "Best To Come" - infectious and anthemic indie pop from one of Sweden's most renowned singer-songwriters.

  18. MEGA | "Box Of Regrets" - gorgeous, uplifting ballad, with moving vocals and a melodic, soulful choir.

  19. HARRY STYLES | "Little Freak" - moving, ultra-melodic ballad from the British megastar's 2022 hit album, Harry's House.

  20. EIGHTY NINETY | "The Night Sky" - spacious arrangements and breezy, emotive vocals - the new summer night soundtrack and title track from this NYC-based duo's long-awaited sophomore EP, The Night Sky.

  21. JAMES RIGHTON | "Never Give Up On The City" - engaging, upbeat, electronic single from this UK musician's sophomore album, Jim, I'm Still Here.

  22. LUCKY SPELL | "King Lonely Boy" - warm, glistening guitars, lush arrangements, and emotive, heartfelt vocals from the collaborative music project of musicians Kyle Emerson and Alex Katsaropoulos.

  23. FRIDAY PILOTS CLUB | "Never Say No" - infectious, powerful alt-rock anthem from Chicago indie rockers' sophomore EP, I Love You, Robot Superstar!

  24. LO MOON | "Raincoats" - epic-sounding, spacious, and elegant - truly stellar track from this LA-based indie/progressive rock band.

  25. MEHRO | "Pretty Kids" - upbeat, clever number about the mirage of glamour and fun 'where the pretty kids go' from this talented, LA-based rising star musician.

  26. FRANCES LUKE ACCORD feat. LIZ CHIDESTER | "This Morning" - gorgeous, acapella gem from this Chicago-based duo, taken from their forthcoming album, Safe In Sound.

  27. SMITH & THELL | "Planet Mars" - moving, melodic, and cinematic track from Maria Smith and Victor Thell, with its lyrical theme of how far one will go to be with their love.

  28. JOAKIM BERG | "Legender" - former Kent frontman and singer-songwriter Joakim Berg graced fans with his 2022 debut solo album, Jag Fortsätter Glömma, and this incredible single.

  29. AMFM | "Hunny Bunny" - released just before the clock struck 12 on NYE 2022, I'm including this ultra-smooth, dreamy indie/bedroom pop track from NYC-based AMFM (aka David Caruso) in the 2022 Top Tracks.

  30. PAUL MOODY | "By Your Side" - heartfelt, personal, acoustic title track from the indie/folk singer-songwriter's latest album that touches upon themes that range from personal heartache and loss to tragedy.

  31. FOREVER HONEY | "Singing To Let England Shake" - indie/dream pop bliss from NYC-based Forever Honey - about being misunderstood by someone close and the anxiety and space that develops afterwards.

  32. ALLISON PONTHIER | "Shaking Hands With Elvis" - taken from her 2022 EP, this title track exemplifies the heartfelt lyrics, warm vocals and captivating melodies that are the hallmarks of Allison's music.

  33. MOGLI | "Mirror" - emotional and atmospheric single from this talented indie pop singer-songwriter, with a lyrical theme about parting ways in a toxic relationship.

  34. THOMPSON SPRINGS | "Save The Trouble" - laid back, steady-tempo, indie anthem from the Chicago-based band's sophomore album, Homefield - packed with warm, melodic guitar riffs and chill vocals.

  35. PURE XTC | "Shed My Skin" - bold synth sequences, mesmerizing and melodic vocals from emerging, Kansas City-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Hughes.

  36. HENRY BATEMAN | "Breathing Underwater" - beautifully cinematic and textured musical reflection about living during the UK lockdown periods of 2020 from the Leeds-based singer-songwriter's fifth studio album, Splendid Isolation.

  37. SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR x WUH OH | "Hypnotized" - pulsing, infectious and ultra-melodic nu-disco single from the British singer-songwriter and pop writer Wuh Oh.

  38. HOLNE | "November Sky" - shimmering synths, melodic vocals, catchy rhythm all wrapped up in an 80's vibe - the debut single release from alt/indie pop artist HOLNE (fka Richard James).

  39. BERTINE ZETLITZ | "Soft Hurt" - pulsing dancefloor filler that will resonate in your head long after you've left the club, from the Norwegian electropop singer-songwriter.

  40. ADETTE | "I'll Be Seeing You Again" - delicate, melodic indie ballad glistening with heartfelt, emotive vocals.

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