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Hearts & Colors, DREAMDNVR | Nobody Knows (new single)

Sweden's pop duo Hearts & Colors is the musical project of Philip Tillström and Nicolai Kjellberg. Having known each other since high school, their musical collaborations and entry to internet fame started with a video they posted to YouTube in late 2014 - an acoustic cover of the song, "Fireflies," by Owl City. The duo found viral success in late 2016 when their own song "Lighthouse," originally an acoustic piano ballad, was remixed by electronic DJ and producer Andrelli and received significant attention.

Alongside their Hearts & Colors musical collabaration, Philip and Nico launched their respective side/solo project in recent years. Philip's DREAMDNVR project was launched in early 2019 with debut single "90's Kid." Nico teamed up with longtime friend and producer Andreas Thordenburg to create SoSo! (formerly SoSo fauX) with debut single "twentyfourseven!"

New single "Nobody Knows," written by Philip (DREAMDNVR) and Robin Lundbäck, reunites Hearts & Colors in one of the most infectious and captivating earworms of the year. At its core, we find upbeat acoustic arpeggios surrounded by beats, atmospheric background synths and the tight vocal harmonies that only Nico and Philip can create.

In contrast with its upbeat vibe, "Nobody Knows" comes with a more serious underlying lyrical theme that speaks to feeling invisible and isolated and the self-medication that can become a coping mechanism.

"When she feeling lonely

Time is moving slowly

You can’t talk

So you think about what you think about

Tryna work it out"

"Stuck inside your bedroom

Feeling like you’re see through

Chemicals 'til you overdose

And nobody knows

Yeah nobody knows"

Philip and Nico recently teamed up to record a fully acoustic version of "Nobody Knows." The recorded one-take performance is testament to the incredible musical chemistry and synergy between the two musicians.

For more information about each artist, visit the following links:

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