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Forever Honey | Singing To Let England Shake (new single)

NYC-based indie/dream pop band Forever Honey drops their latest single, "Singing To Let England Shake," a song about being misunderstood by someone close, the anxiety and space that develops afterwards, along with an incidental lyrical reference to a PJ Harvey album (Let England Shake).

Comprised of Liv Price, Aida Mekonnen, Steve Vannelli, and Jack McLoughlin, Forevery Honey made their debut with Pre-Mortem High in Spring of 2020, an EP that launched the band's first single, "Christian." Forever Honey returned to the live show circuit in Fall 2021 with two fiery singles, "Satellite" and "Number One Fan," out under Better Company Records.

New single "Singing To Let England Shake" is three and a half minutes of echoing, hazy guitars with just the perfect amount of reverb and delay, distant atmospheric keyboards, and the delicate, melodic vocals that Liv and Aida gorgeously deliver like no one else. The song was recorded, engineered, and produced by Forever Honey's own Jack McLoughlin, mixed by Kyle Joseph, and mastered by Jennica Best.

"Space, between us

In this, space, between us

In this place of fear, love

In this, space, between us, and I

Space, between us

Space, between us

In this place of fear, loathing

In this, space, between us, I die"

"The song kind of moved to the back burner for a good while but was resurrected this past fall, when the four of us took a field trip out to Jack's family home in Baltimore," Forever Honey comments. "We laid down a heap of new songs that were largely inspired by Casamigos Tequila, but 'Singing To Let England Shake' has to be one of our favorites from the weekend."

Providing insight ino the track's lyrical theme, the band comments, "It's about feeling profoundly misunderstood by someone important to you, the isolation that comes from this realization, and the desire to feel a lightness again after something so painful. There's something uniquely frustrating about being misinterpreted; it creates an instant distance between you and the person you used to connect with. It was also written at a time when we were obsessively listening to PJ Harvey (Let England Shake), hence the reference."

Forever Honey reveals that "Singing To Let England Shake" was fully realized later than other songs in recording process. "We're so happy with how this song turned out, especially with it being one we decided to record at the very last minute," the band remarks. "But…that's how 'Christian' became a thing, so all good singles come at the eleventh hour, I guess."

Forever Honey reports that they will steadily being releasing their stockpile of lockdown songs beginning this summer, all of which were self-recorded, engineered, and produced. As for "Singing To Let England Shake," they hope it "...brings you joy and then inspires you to blast PJ Harvey afterwards." That sounds like sensible marching orders while we await the next new music from Forever Honey. And with that, we leave you with the official lyric video for "Singing To Let England Shake," animated by Thomas Wykes.

For more information about Forever Honey, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and listen to Forever Honey on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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