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Lucky Spell | King Lonely Boy (debut single)

Los Angeles indie singer-songwriter Kyle Emerson teams up with producer, songwriter and friend Alex Katsaropoulos for their new collaborative music project called Lucky Spell. The duo's debut release is the upbeat, glistening single, "King Lonely Boy."

In 2019, Kyle Emerson had been enjoying relative success with his recent Only Coming Down album release and solo career. But a year and a half later, his father's cancer diagnosis, the ending of his relationship, and a six-month bender changed everything. After cleaning up, Kyle teamed up with Alex Katsaropoulos, lead of Chicago indie band Verluna, who had recently moved to the West Coast. The seeds of Lucky Spell were planted in a series of recording sessions in Kyle's Motion Way home studio in Los Angeles where the two musicians collaborated.

Kyle comments on social media, "After a couple solo Kyle Emerson sessions with Alex Katsaropoulos at the helm, I knew we were working towards something different. Having the resources to begin a demo in the same room we finished tracking the final thing changed everything about my approach to recording." He continues, "Making these songs felt a lot like painting to me. Like there was a canvas that we kept adding to and changing. This is my first experience where large parts of the demo ended up being used as the final takes. Being able to chisel away at the song in real time, as you're growing with the arrangement, and getting to know different elements of the personality of the song at your own pace was an incredible experience for me." At the end of the final mixing session, Kyle recalls thinking to himself, "This is the first body of work I've completed where I can't wait to start writing again."

"King Lonely Boy" is an outstanding debut release for Lucky Spell. Warm, glistening guitars and melodic hooks are immersed in lush arrangements with emotive, heartfelt vocals that touch upon owning the pain, loneliness and struggles that life sometimes deals, coming to grips, and moving on to brighter days.

I can bury my pain like an idiot

Or i can finally own it

You said "Leave it in Indiana

Keep going past Montana

and California'll land ya in my arms"

If you’re already taken by "King Lonely Boy," you're in luck as there's more Lucky Spell on the near horizon. The band reveals, "The plan is to put out a handful of singles over the next few months and of course, we will be playing some shows in California and Colorado this summer."

Check out band's social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to keep up with all the latest Lucky Spell news and events and listen to Lucky Spell's music on Bandcamp, Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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