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Mega | Colour Your World (new EP)

London-based contemporary soul singer-songwriter Mega releases her stunning new EP, Colour Your World, a healing dose of musical medicine that inspires, motivates, grounds and reminds us to accept ourselves and always be good and kind to one another.

"I've called my EP 'Colour Your World' as colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live; it can influence thinking, change actions, and cause reactions," Mega comments on social media. "I see colour as my perspective, and this EP reminds me of how important our perspective is of ourselves and of our abilities... What matters most is how you see yourself and what you believe about yourself. We all have the power to colour our world. I really hope this EP can empower you as much as creating it has empowered me."

Mega Kaggwa made her first mark on the music scene in 2018 with her debut single, "Chariot," which has amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify alone. Her debut EP, Future Me (2020), soon followed with six emotive songs full of enchanting melodies with underlying themes that embrace self-esteem, self-love and growth.

Similar themes are prevalent throughout Colour Your World. The artist comments, "[The] first part of creating for me was my stepping into unconditional self-acceptance. Embracing every part of myself internally. Self-acceptance is about honouring yourself right now, in this moment. Not just who want to be/or could be in the near future. To be beautiful is to be YOURSELF!"

Opening track "Smile" establishes the atmosphere of the EP with its upbeat, inspirational, acoustic vibe. Lyrically, the song is dedicated to that someone special who can magically and consistently lift your spirits and trigger a smile, even on the toughest days. Take just one listen to this opener and you'll find it delivers exactly what it promises.

"You make me smile when my fortune's fading

Smile when my luck is down

Smile when my heart is aching

Smile when you come around

I smile when I'm tired of hoping

Smile when I feel afraid

Smile when my spirit's broken

Smile anytime you come my way"

"Be Good Be Kind" is a mantra for living and treating one another. Words and actions, even from random strangers, can give perspective and lift worries and burdens. "I've always believed that everyone we meet is fighting a battle that we know nothing about so it's important to be kind, always," Mega comments. "I hope this song can encourage anyone that is struggling with their mental health to reach out for help, and I hope it will be a gentle reminder to you that you are not alone. I hope that it can create a community of love and support."

"Won't you save, save me from myself

Cause I'm drowning in my worries

And I'm looking for somebody to

Save me from myself"

"Box of Regrets" is my favorite track on Colour Your World - a gorgeous, uplifting ballad, with moving vocals and a melodic, soulful choir. "Sometimes we become so attached to the past (not matter how painful it is) and it can be difficult to let go," Mega remarks. "'Box of Regrets' is about saying goodbye to the past (regrets) in life that have caused us pain. Referring to the box of regrets as beautiful is acknowledging that through pain, growth can sometimes be birthed. Although pain isn't a requirement for growth, it can encourage change that propels us to grow."

"To my beautiful box of regrets

It's time to change

It's time to forget

For too long I've cried to

Looked at my life through

My beautiful box of regrets"

"All Day Long" picks up right where opening track "Smile" left off. This rhythmic song is destined to become your next musical earworm with its sunny vocals and uplifiting vibe that draw upon Mega's Ugandan musical roots. The artist comments, "'All Day Long' is about having that person in your life that makes you feel on top of the world! Having them in your life makes life so much more enjoyable and meaningful. That can be a partner, friend, sister, brother, cousin - anyone!"

"You been in my head all day long

You been in my head all day

You been in my head all day long

You been in my head all day"

With its encouraging message to believe in oneself and cast aside any doubts that get in the way, the melodic, moving "If Not My Heart" is a fitting way to close out this lovely EP.

If you haven't yet taken in Colour Your World and the magic of Mega, give this uplifting, inspiring EP a listen, add it to your playlists, and keep your eye on this emerging singer-songwriter and musician.

For more information about Mega, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find her music on Spotify, TIDAL and Apple Music.

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