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SoundThread Music Blog's Top Tracks of 2023

As we bid farewell to another year, it's once again time to reflect on the music journeys that accompanied each of us through the highs and lows of 2023. This year brought forth a diverse array of genres, emerging artists, and sonic landscapes that resonated with audiences worldwide. From infectious, fresh new sounds and heartfelt compositions to creative covers of songs we already know and love, the memorable sounds of 2023 reflect the diverse and dynamic landscapes of the independent and global music scenes.

The independent music scene is massive. Each of us carves out our own little slices of what keeps our souls and ears captivated. This is SoundThread Music Blog's little slice of 2023 - the songs that served as my soundtrack to the memories and moments of the past year in music.

If you're a Spotify subscriber, check out the accompanying Spotify playlist so you can easily listen to SoundThread Music Blog's Top 40 Tracks of 2023.

Queue the playlist, have a listen, share with your friends, and raise a glass (or two) to reflect on the past year and celebrate a Happy New Year packed with more great new music to come!

  1. NATION OF LANGUAGE | "Sole Obsession"

  2. FRIDAY PILOTS CLUB | "Life Support"

  3. SLOWDIVE | "Kisses"

  4. JOHAN BAECKSTRÖM | "Always Here"

  5. KÅRP | "Greasy Makeup"

  6. ABROAD | "Leave It To The End"

  7. PEYTON McMAHON | "No Control"

  8. TINY MICROPHONE | "Holiday"

  9. MADDIE REGENT | "Can't Pretend"

  10. HADLEY | "Oceans"

  11. VIRENS | "Stitch Me Back Up"

  12. HEAVY DIAMOND RING | "Sorry You're Sick"


  14. MIKE ROGERS | "Get High"

  15. ARMIN VAN BUUREN & MATOMA feat. TEDDY SWIMS | "Easy To Love"

  16. FEVER RAY | "Shiver"

  17. MIKE MENTZ | "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

  18. OHLY | "If We Ever"

  19. COURSE | "None Of Us Are Good Enough"

  20. EMMA ANDERSON | "Clusters"

  21. EIGHTY NINETY | "2 Carat"

  22. MEGA | "Learning (To Trust Myself)"

  23. IVORY BLUE | "All Outta Love"

  24. MARTIN KERR | "Don't Listen To Me"

  25. CAL TRASK | "Below Water"

  26. JUSTIN OLIVER | "Broke"

  27. PETER GABRIEL | "The Court (Bright-Side Mix)"

  28. MARDI LUMSDEN | "Sermons and Soda"

  29. DREAMDNVR with CLARA MAE | "Thriller"

  30. SQUIRREL FLOWER | "Alley Light"

  31. NICOLE SABOUNÉ | "I Got It All"

  32. HUNTER & WOLFE | "Anyone"

  33. PHILLIP PHILLIPS | "Dancing With Your Shadows"

  34. CADE HOPPE | "Fool's Gold"

  35. MEHRO | "Love Kills"

  36. MICHAEL SCHULTE x R3HAB | "Waterfall"

  37. MERE CHILD | "Don't Let Me Go"

  38. THOMPSON SPRINGS | "All I Wanna Do"

  39. PINK with FIRST AID KIT | "Kids In Love"

  40. RUEL | "I Don't Wanna Be Like You"

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