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Middle Youth | FLTR (new single)

NYC-based Middle Youth (a.k.a. musician and producer Harper James) releases his new bedroom/indie pop single, "FLTR" (i.e, "Feels Like The Rain"). Hazy, reverbed, melodic vocals and a mesmerizing, infectious chorus emanate from this impressive, under-the-radar single release. You'll find yourself singing along with the track's captivating chorus at first listen. In Harper's own words (social media comment): "It’s like on some weird Phil Collins shit but with moody verses."

"Oh God, it feels like the rain

As if every drop that hits my face

Is someone else's pain

Oh God it feels like the earth

is soaking up the blood

That's running out of every church

it feels like the rain"

One half of indie pop duo Eighty Ninety (with sibling and musical partner-in-crime Abner James) by day, Middle Youth is the creative side outlet for Harper's songwriting, performance and production as a solo artist. Without any fanfare, Middle Youth quietly dropped its first single, "Theme One," in 2018 - a short, experimental-sounding, yet melodic collage of acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and spacious production.

2019 saw the release of Middle Youth's impressive debut EP, Heaven Is A Feeling, with its pulsing, ultra-infectious title track - which still ranks as my all-time favorite Middle Youth song. Following a series of one-off single releases, Not Just Me, Middle Youth's stunning debut album saw the light of day in 2022, featuring some cutting edge, must-hear tracks including "Chocolate," "2009" and "Love It Ain't Enough." Let's hope that "FLTR" is the first in a line of forthcoming single releases leading up to another astounding EP or album release for this innovative and talented musician/producer.

While we await more new music from Middle Youth, give "FLTR" a listen and let the pouring rain wash away your grime of your world. For more information about Middle Youth, follow the artist on social media (Instagram), listen on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music, and visit Harper's official website to learn about all the music he's played a hand in bringing to life.

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