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Cal Trask | Silence Is Broken (new single and video)

Single artwork for Cal Trask - Silence Is Broken

It's been two years since the release of Cal Trask's debut Posthumous EP, which included the stunning "Above Water" and deeply personal "King of Hearts." But now the musical silence is broken with Cal Trask's new single, "Silence Is Broken." Despite my literary pun, the subject matter of the new single is a contemporary, poignant reflection on the smiling masks people often wear to cover up the turmoil, sadness and complexity that sometimes lie within.

"And you just see my smiling teeth, but don't quite see what's underneath.

You believe my broken bones, but not my mind when I'm all alone."

Cal Trask is the musical moniker of Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Calvin Heinrichs. "Silence Is Broken" is the first taste of new music from Cal Trask's forthcoming debut album, Gemini God, about which Calvin comments, "Gemini God is an album that says we are human; we hurt, we bleed, but we shouldn't feel alone because everyone hurts and bleeds. I choose to believe there is comfort in solidarity."

"Silence Is Broken" is melancholic, yet melodic with predominantly acoustic, atmospheric accompaniment. Calvin's soulful, emotive vocals guide the listener through the song's underlying theme of someone who is buried in the silence. Musically, the song's graceful, enticing chorus is an optimistic and melodic complement to the underlying, profound message in its lyrics. Outstanding.

SoundThread Music Blog recently caught up with Calvin Heinrichs to talk about "Silence Is Broken", the forthcoming album, and upcoming plans for Cal Trask.

[STMB]: Congratulations on the release of the new single! Can you provide some insight into the lyrical theme or musical inspiration of "Silence is Broken?"

[CT]: "Silence Is Broken" is basically about mental health awareness. But it goes beyond awareness by saying if we don't talk about it, then nothing will change. I think over the years, the visibility of mental health issues has drastically increased, which is amazing. But being aware of it being an issue for some people and consciously changing our actions to make an impact are two different things. So I guess my hope for this song is to get people talking about how they are doing mentally. Talking about it doesn't convey weakness but rather a lot of strength. Some of the strongest people we know with the biggest smiles on their faces can be the ones hurting the most. Talk about your mental health, talk to your loved ones about their mental health, and end this suffering in silence.

[STMB]: Is "Silence Is Broken" representative of any particular theme on your forthcoming album? How does it compare musically or conceptually with the Posthumous EP?

[CT]: This single doesn't necessarily represent a consistent theme throughout the new album. I describe the Posthumous EP as all about internalized feelings and struggles and coping with them. I feel like the new album is more about externalizing or vocalizing these issues. I lost all desire to tone down my writing to make it more palatable or mainstream for this album. It's brutally honest, intended to make you think and of course feel some form of emotion. Less censored doesn't necessarily mean less refined so it was liberating to be able to express everything I wanted to exactly how I intended to. The production of the new album is a little bit more experimental as well. I didn't want to create this cookie cutter album that could blend in to every playlist but I wanted it to stand out as being a bit weird and off brand for the songwriter genre.

CAL TRASK "SILENCE IS BROKEN" (Official Music Video)

[STMB]: Did your recent Canadian road tour provide any particular inspiration or perspective or outlet for the new material?

[CT]: The new album was actually completely finished prior to doing the cross Canada tour so I had the opportunity to play some of the new songs from the new album to get some feedback from listeners which was great. The tour was just the icing on top to everything. It sort of bolstered this sense of accomplishment in me that I could record music but also go around and share it with the people that have been following my music.

[STMB]: What's next for Cal Trask?

[CT]: New music is always on the horizon. There should hopefully be a follow up single release in the near future. Hopefully the full album soon after that! Believe me, no one is chomping at the bit more than myself so to speak to get this new music out. Patience is not a gift I have been given. I am looking into a few more Canadian shows and possibly going back to Europe for a few shows. When the time is right to get the Visa's for the US, I will be playing as much as possible there too!

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this! One of the biggest reasons for creating music is to connect with others and to learn from their experiences and grow as a person. So please don't just follow my social media accounts but send me a message, say hey and lets connect! @CalTraskMusic

Thanks to Calvin for chatting with us and providing all the insightful responses!

Finally, aside from writing and performing his own original material, Calvin periodically shares some absolutely incredible cover songs over on his YouTube channel, from artists that include Nirvana, Bon Iver and Deftones. His most recent post is a cover of Callum Scott's melancholic take on Robyn's "Dancing On My Own." Give it a watch!

CAL TRASK "DANCING ON MY OWN" (Callum Scott / Robyn Cover)

For more information about Cal Trask, visit the official artist website, follow on social media :(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen on Spotify and iTunes.

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