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Matt Lovell | 90 Proof (new single)

Just prior to launching SoundThread Music Blog in July 2016, I briefly met folk-soul singer-songwriter Matt Lovell on a weekend visit to Nashville, and was handed Sandbox, an incredibly impressive CD of sketches and demos from this emerging, uber-talented musician. I was blown away from the very first listen and still am every time I revisit Sandbox. Fast forward a few years to Matt's official single release of "90 Proof," one of the many outstanding Sandbox demos.

Featuring a bluesy, acoustic, pull-at-your-heartstrings musical vibe and Matt's ultra-soulful, expressive vocals, this incredible track beams pure and honest emotion, from the perspective of someone who's got "90 proof that I ain't over you | and I'm an honest drunk tonight."

On social media, Matt comments, "I wrote this song years ago when I was at work in a restaurant. I was literally in the middle of a shift when the idea came to me, so I rushed to the bathroom to record it on my iPhone."

Several years ago in 2017, Matt took an unplanned step back from the music scene after being shot in a carjacking attempt from which he fortunately recovered. He reflects on the road to recovery and his forthcoming album, Nobody Cries Today, "I had to take time to heal, focus, and honestly to relearn a new way of life. I've been working quietly on getting this record ready for release and I'm so excited to share all these songs with you in the coming days!"

Matt adds, "Music has always been my tiny rowboat getting me from one shore to the next. Songwriting has almost always been my main outlet for just about everything in life. Writing '90 Proof' has helped me make so much sense of this life, of myself, and the world around me. It feels so good to finally share my rowboat songs with you."

Accompanying the release of "90 Proof" is the cinematic, "multi-act" official music video featuring Matt with acoustic guitar in his Nashville apartment. This charming video was directed, edited, and produced by Jason Lee Denton and Aliegh Shields Denton. Give it a watch, add "90 Proof" to your playlists, and keep yours eyes and ears focused on this emerging Nashville musician.

For more information about Matt Lovell, visit his official website, follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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