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AWALK | One Day (debut album)

Los Angeles artist, producer and classical guitarist AWALK releases his widely anticipated debut album, One Day, on the heels of the captivating lead single, "Light," that was featured in a recent Lexus RX Hybrid commercial. The impressive collection of new tracks on One Day sets a new bar for Alex Walker, the man behind the sound and whose previous music projects have included Share Lions and Gypsy Moth Control.

From a ten-thousand foot view, one might describe One Day as innovative alternative/indie, but there's so much more nuance, eloquence, creativity and 'wow factor' when you take a dedicated listen to each of the album's occupants. Opening track "Tired of Dancing" sets the upbeat and inventive tone for all that follows. The unique fusion of electronic soundscapes, tribal percussion, intricate classical guitar arpeggios, vibrant rhythms, big beats and Alex's mesmerizing, psychedelic vocal delivery set One Day apart from most any other style of music I've heard. Unexpected progressions and transitions take the listener on sonic, eye-opening twists and turns throughout the exhilarating One Day voyage.

I hear influences of Frank Black and Pixies in tracks like "I'm Watching," while it's big beats and heavy electronic percussion in "Mustang," prominent classical guitar in "Apologize" and "Fistful," and a relaxed, loungy vibe in closing track "Am I Ever Gonna Get Out Alive." My favorite album tracks are "Middle of the Nite," "Light," and "One Day." But definitely don't stop at those recommendations - this entire album is brilliant and refreshing.

With the classical guitar being at the center of each production, Alex recaptures and displays a 500-year-old instrument, placing it on an art-pop stage in 2022. Alex comment, "These songs are born of the guitar, then everything fashioned around it."

One Day was recorded over the last year at AWALK’s Sonoran Desert studio in Arizona. Sharing news of the album release on social media, Alex comments, "I'm so very excited to share with you the debut album from AWALK!! I've worked tirelessly this past year making this record and couldn't be prouder. Mixed by the wonderful Dan Knowles and mastered by Grammy winner John Greenham, they elevated my work beyond my wildest imagination. Additional vocals by my amazing wife Jenny, eternally grateful for your contributions." He continues, "We've been dancing to this album for the last couple months, so it feels great to let you all in on the party! I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy, go give the record a spin and let me know what you think!"

What are you waiting for? Give One Day a listen and earmark your own favorite tracks - you won't be disappointed!

For more information about AWALK, visit the official artist website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and find AWALK's music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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