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Friday Pilots Club | Nowhere (debut album)

Chicago-based alt-rockers Friday Pilots Club release their electrified debut album, Nowhere, an engaging sonic journey packed with powerful melodies and introspective lyrical themes. Comprised of band members Drew Polovick, Caleb Hiltunen, James Kourafas, Sean Burke, and Eric Doar, Friday Pilots Club made its debut in 2017 and has released a series of spectacular singles and EPs in the time since then.

While change, commitment, and coming of age seem to be the underlying themes throughout Nowhere, each of the album's songs has its own distinct theme and musical vibe. Lead singer Caleb's edgy, soulful vocals guide the listener through the driving rhythms and fresh, infectious melodies of Nowhere. Alongside the crisp production found on each track, there is clearly some solid songwriting in play at the core of each song.

Opening track "Nowhere" commands the listener's attention from its first distorted notes, upbeat tempo, and explosive vibe, before transitioning into its catchy, melodic chorus. "We Don't Wanna Talk," the album's upbeat preview single, speaks to living day-by-day in a relationship, avoiding talk about commitment, five-year plans, and the future.

"Spectator" is a strong, standout track, in addition to being one of my favorites. Moody and big sounding, the song's lyrical theme focuses on being present in one's life and taking charge, rather than existing as a spectator. This track showcases the distinct and engaging vibe that Friday Pilots Club creates. Distorted guitars, bold riffs, tight vocals, and strong melodies are weaved together in a fresh, powerful way.

"Spectator, mirror me

A best seller

First edition of a lip read

Cold killer, a big tease

I'm on the edge

I'm exactly where you want me"

Delicately bringing down the tempo is "Coffin," a morbidly charming ballad that showcases Caleb's vocal range and emotional delivery. Lyrically, "Coffin" takes the concept of spending precious days with the love of one's life and extends that to another level – wanting to die with them.

"Nothing or Forever" is the album's poppy, feel-good track, with its catchy, sing-along chorus that may just become your summer anthem.

Closing out Nowhere is another standout track, "Favorite Part," which is literally one of my favorite parts of the album. Talk about a perfect closing track – this is it. With soaring, emotive vocals from Caleb and a powerful sonic atmosphere, "Favorite Part" is a beautifully melancholic ballad that ponders the natural order of growing older and moving on, while occasionally wanting to hit the pause button on special moments in order to savor them for a bit longer.

"Can we pause right here?

It's my favorite part

Just in case right now

Is the best that we are

Maybe then someday wouldn't feel so far

Paint me in the light of a passing car"

Whether you're already a Friday Pilots Club fan or just discovering this fast-rising alt-rock band for the first time, Nowhere is a must-listen with its emotive storytelling and powerful musicality.

And with that, we leave you with the official music video for "Vampire Disco," the latest single from Nowhere.

For more information about Friday Pilots Club, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube) and listen on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. And if they're in your neck of the woods, be sure to catch the band on one of their upcoming tour dates.

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