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Eighty Ninety | 10K Summer Nights (new single)

Eighty Ninety by Ashley Yu

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Eighty Ninety returns just in time for summer with their carefree, breezy new single "10K Summer Nights." Comprised of brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper James (guitar, production), the duo describes their musical style of minimalist pop production built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds as "808's and telecasters."

I fell in love with Eighty Ninety's music from the moment I heard "Three Thirty" from their debut Elizabeth EP. The duo has been making some rather impressive leaps and bounds since then. In particular, their single, "Your Favorite Song," has received personal support from Taylor Swift on her Songs Taylor Loves Spotify playlist, they made their SXSW debut in 2018, and have received coverage in publications ranging from Billboard and NME to Glamour and People Magazine.

While it's been nearly a year since the duo released their last single, the acoustic-driven, rhythmic "Dream," Abner and Harper have been hard at work finishing up their forthcoming EP, have toured with fellow Brooklyn indie band Savoir Adore, and live-streamed an impressive performance of both new and released songs earlier this year from Brooklyn's Douglass Recording.

"10K Summer Nights" presents Eighty Ninety in as top form as ever, showcasing their signature minimalist production, with easy, cascading vocals and infectious melodies, while expanding their sound in new directions. Eighty Ninety tells SoundThread Music Blog, "We wanted to make something expansive - sonically and thematically - but that started in familiar Eighty Ninety territory."

Elaborating on the origins of "10K Summer Nights," the band explains, "We envisioned the song almost in cinematic terms: it begins with a close-up of Abner and his guitar, and slowly zooms out to reveal a whole band making a swirling cascade of music. We wanted to emphasize how such personal, intimate feelings can feel so huge - especially as life begins to take you further and further away from the important people and times in your life."

With a recently inked deal with Hard 8 Working Group (home to Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, CYN) and a brand new selection of music on the way, Eighty Ninety are definitely a name to keep on your musical radar. I'd even venture to say "10K Summer Nights" might very well become your one and only Summer theme song!

Finally, we leave you with a live performance clip of Eighty Ninety performing "Your Favorite Song" from the Douglass Recording session earlier this year.

EIGHTY NINETY "YOUR FAVORITE SONG" (Live at Douglass Recording)

For more information about Eighty Ninety, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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