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Charlie Cunningham | New singles from London indie singer-songwriter

Photo of Charlie Cunningham by Peter Franklyn Banks

Since I recently discovered the music of London-based indie singer-songwriter Charlie Cunningham, I've found myself regularly listening to most of his musical back catalog over the past week. This is some truly impressive and stunning songwriting, performance and vocal delivery - I wonder how I hadn't encountered his music sooner.

New singles "Sink In" and "Permanent Way", produced by Sam Scott and Duncan Tootill, are presumably preludes to a forthcoming album or EP release. Both of these introspective songs are bathed in beautiful soundscapes comprised of acoustic guitar, strings and subtle, ambient synths with Charlie's melodic, honest and yearning vocals that bring these songs to life.

"Sink In," written by Charlie with Felix, Hugo and Will White, is the more introspective sounding of the two singles, with a lyrical theme that hints at learning about one's inner self and allowing the revelations and surprises to sink in ("Because there's doors to open still in your mind | You've got places that you still need to find | But it's all just a wonderful surprise | The tears in your eyes, they're justified").

"Permanent Way" is the more upbeat of the two tracks, with its steady, gently-pulsing synth that subtly drives the pace of the song. ("If daylight breaks and you're still miles away | You should move into cover | I'll try to stay in a more permanent way | Can we keep to each other?").

If you're just discovering Charlie's music with this post, don't stop with his two recent singles. I'd encourage you to check out his stunning debut album Lines (2017), and an earlier series of impressive EP releases: Outside Things (2014), Breather (2015), Heights (2016). You won't be disappointed.

And if you'd like to see a live Charlie Cunningham performance, you are in luck! He's currently on the road supporting RY X - currently in the US; shortly in Europe. I've got my tickets and am looking forward to attending. This is definitely one talented and quickly emerging singer-songwriter and musician to put on your musical radar.

For more information about Charlie Cunningham, visit his official website, follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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