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Rob Drabkin | Oh My (It's a Good Life) (music video)

Photo of Rob Drabkin by Dillon Novak

It was approximately two years ago that I first visited the breathtaking and beautiful country of Iceland. I hoped to experience the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) at least once during our ten day visit. To my surprise, we were able to experience this magical, celestial wonder on all but one rainy evening in late October. The drives, hikes and expeditions in the otherworldly landscape of the Golden Circle will forever hold a special place in my heart.

When I first watched the new music video for "Oh My (It's a Good Life)" from Denver-based indie folk rock musician Rob Drabkin, all the magical memories of Iceland came flooding back. You might already be familiar with the fresh, vibrant sounds of Rob from his impressive, feel-good, infectious single, "It's a Beautiful Day", released earlier this year. "Oh My (It's a Good Life)", is a more reflective, yet motivational and uplifting song from Rob. The single's accompanying music video, featuring actress Hildur Sif and directed by Dillon Novak, was filmed by Will Sampson over one week in Iceland, and is the perfect visual complement to this outstanding song.

On his Facebook page, Rob notes, "I hope this video inspires each to follow our wanderlust and teaches us the most powerful moments in life can often be the simplest."

And with that, we leave you with the inspiring, breathtaking video to "Oh My (It's a Good Life)". You might want to cast this one to a big screen TV to take in all the marvel and wonder that is Iceland.

ROB DRABKIN "OH MY (IT'S A GOOD LIFE)" (Official Music Video)

For more information about Rob Drabkin, visit his official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and find Rob's music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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