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Beachwood Coyotes | Discipline (new single and video)

Photo of Beachwood Coyotes by Vinny Macias

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Beachwood Coyotes returns to the spotlight with their exceptional new single, "Discipline." With a band name inspired by coyotes on acid (true story), this emerging, energetic four piece is comprised of Jason Nott (lead vocals, guitar), Drew Smith (bass), Bryan King (drums), and Yan Clermont (guitar). It was just about a year ago that their infectious indie rock anthem, "Face To Face," appeared on our musical radar, and was soon followed by the band's superb Scrubby EP.

Working once again with producer Austen Moret (Midnight Divide), "Discipline" features the band's solid and modern indie rock sound that incorporates a bit of classic 80's elements (e.g., the shimmering synth on the chorus). There are some awesome-sounding vocal contrasts throughout as well. Start with the up-front, raw lead vocals on the verses, and contrast that with the ethereal sounding background vocals, and the depth introduced by the far-off, shouted "Long enough!" that makes a killer intro to the chorus. The minimal supporting instrumentation at the start is what allows the energized chorus to later take center stage and boldly shine through. Lyrically, ‘Discipline’ focuses on self reflection, the reality of getting older and learning to grow with age.

We can safely state that Beachwood Coyotes is definitely a band on the rise. For more information, visit the band's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and find Beachwood Coyotes' music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

We leave you with the brand new, official music video for "Discipline," which was directed and edited by Vinny Macias.


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