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Goldkey | Faster (new single)

Press photo of Goldkey

Goldkey is the musical alias of New York-based singer-songwriter Mike Horn, who has just released his outstanding new single, "Faster." Presenting a delightful blend of indie pop and folk, with solid vocals, harmony and production, "Faster" immediately comes across as an ultra-smooth, catchy, acoustic-driven indie pop gem from Goldkey. This stellar track represents the 'full package' with its excellent songwriting, clean production, and impressive vocals and lyrics.

Produced by Ben Rice (Norah Jones, The Candles, Queue, Daughter) and recorded at Brooklyn's Degraw Sound studios, "Faster" continues in the musical vein established with Goldkey's impressive breakthrough single, "Mountain." These two songs, along with Goldkey's second single release ("What Am I Supposed To Do?") clearly pave the way to poise this talented singer-songwriter with a promising musical outlook.

SoundThread Music Blog recently caught up with Mike to ask a few questions about the new single, the Goldkey project and upcoming plans:

Thanks for chatting with us Mike! Can you tell us how the Goldkey project started? Goldkey is a project I started beginning of 2017 after tracking an entire album worth of tunes to which I eventually scrapped. Only one of those songs stood out to me as something I wanted to put out to my listeners. That song was "Mountain." I've released and/or have been involved in several projects over the past couple of years. This was more about exploration. "Faster" is an impressive track in many ways - including songwriting, atmosphere and production. How did the song originate? "Faster" started out as a pretty folky, stripped-down acoustic tune. In a good way, the song structure and openness gave it room to breathe. With regards with the songwriting, It's a song about something mostly everyone can relate to – trial and error but also growth. What inspires the music that you create? I'm inspired by love, by my home and by the people around me. Writers write based on their own life experiences. I'm no different in that respect. I could go on and on about musical background. I'm a diehard Michael Jackson fan but who isn't? Goldkey is a great name for a band - what is the origin of the name? Honestly the first time I've been asked this question. Goldkey Lake is an area in Pennsylvania where I spent a ton of time growing up. I was looking for a good representation of what I wanted this project to be and felt that 'Goldkey' was the embodiment of that. What's in the pipeline for Goldkey beyond "Faster"? In 2018, I'm looking to release new music in addition to performing on the East Coast. My next show will be part of glamglare's showcase on April 27 at The Delancey in NYC!

To keep up with news and information about Goldkey, follow the band on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), visit the official Goldkey website, and listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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