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Share Lions | Keep Close (debut album)

Photo of Share Lions

Los Angeles-based, indie rock duo Share Lions is the collaboration of guitarist/singer Alex Walker, and drummer/producer Elias Diaz. Their impressive debut album, Keep Close, was released in late February, with ten outstanding tracks that boldly and proudly present the band's fresh, energetic musical style that blends gliding, melodic guitar riffs and solos with elements of fierce, gritty alternative rock. Alex's edgy, driving vocals are the perfect icing on the Keep Close cake - with a dynamic vocal delivery that solidly complements its musical landscape.

Prior to forming Share Lions in 2014, both Alex and Elias were involved with other musical projects and bands. Alex has played in Family of The Year ("Hero" from Richard Linklater’s film, Boyhood), ALOKE, and Trouble Andrew (aka Gucci Ghost), while Elias was a member of LA-based band Galaxy of Tar.

The album's excellent opening track, "Keep Close", sets the stage for what follows, with its catchy guitar riffs, carefree feel and strong vocals. Additional standout tracks include "Little Love", with its bold, up front guitar intro and solid rock atmosphere; the upbeat, catchy "Like I Do" and "I Broke Down" that make you want to sing and dance along; and the somewhat down tempo "Why Not", which brings to mind the brooding songwriting style and feel of Throwing Muses (e.g., University-era).

"Little Love" is the first single release from Keep Close, and is accompanied by a clever music video directed by Jenny V, featuring Alex and Elias, and starring Cecelia Phoenix who lip-synchs the lyrics to the song over a plate of nachos at Los Angeles-based Mexican restaurant, Gus's Lunch Box.

SHARE LIONS "Little Love" (Official Music Video)

For more information about Share Lions, follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, check out their official website, and find their music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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