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Zoe Durrant | Island (debut EP)

Photo of Zoe Durrant

Island is the brilliant debut EP from singer-songwriter Zoe Durrant, who is probably best-known as one-third of the Swedish indie band Little Majorette. If you are a fan of the American medical drama TV series "Grey's Anatomy", then you've probably already heard the EP's lead track ("Bridge") on a recent episode.

Hailing from Great Britain (Norfolk), Zoe moved to Sweden nearly a decade ago to pursue songwriting, and ultimately formed Little Majorette with fellow musicians Petter Winnberg and Nils Törnqvist who are also both members of the Swedish indie band Amason. You might also recognize Zoe's voice from several tracks she did for the UnClubbed music compilations, including a pretty incredible cover of Moby's "Go".

The four songs on Island fit together incredibly well, creating a chill, dreamy musical atmosphere - think Twin Peaks and David Lynch, with soft ambient elements of dream pop mixed with just a hint of 1950's-style slow dance. "Bridge" is a beautiful opening track with a gently pulsing and soft electronic soundscape, with Zoe's dreamy, charming vocals leading the listener through the song. The remaining tracks ("Island", "Horses", "Baloon") perpetuate the elegant and melodic atmosphere established with "Bridge".

On her Instagram page, Zoe relates that these are songs that she and Petter Winnberg recorded over two years ago, and that she never thought they'd see the light of day. I'm sure there are a ton of people out there reading and listening who are thrilled they did.

Island is available from February 3 on INGRID Records, and is available for streaming on all major digital platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, TIDAL and Apple Music/iTunes.

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