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Minor Moon | "So Composed" (new single)

Cover photo of the "So Composed" single from Minor Moon

"So Composed" is the new single from Chicago-based indie folk rock band Minor Moon, the songwriting project of musician Sam Cantor, and featuring Nathan Bojko (drums), Michael Downing (bass) and Colin Drozdoff (keyboards). It is the first sample of new Minor Moon compositions that will be featured on their upcoming EP, What Our Enemies Know.

Driven by sounds of a warm, bluesy Wurlitzer piano, soft electric guitar lead and drums, "So Composed" is an ease-back-and-relax song that brings to mind 70's folk rock and Americana. Sam's voice is strong, smooth, and organically complements the underlying musical landscape, with bits of harmony and backing vocals added as the song progresses. The songwriting and composition is excellent, and the overall sound evokes the mood and feel of classic folk rock bands such as Rare Bird (e.g. "Passing Through"), Neil Young and Van Morrison. The lyrics of "So Composed" refer to how someone's ghosts can be so composed while other aspects of their life might be coming apart: "And all your ghosts they're so composed oh, how they float beyond control".

MINOR MOON "So Composed" (Sofar Sounds Chicago)

I was lucky enough to catch one of Minor Moon's recent live shows in Chicago, where they delivered excellent performances of some of their new songs (including "So Composed") and spot on versions of songs from their previous, A Whisper, A Shout (2015) and Faultlines EP (2014). Some of the highlights from the show included performances of "Like A Shadow", "Futon" and "I Could Fall ln Love With Silence" to name a few.

Minor Moon @ Elbo Room (Chicago), 10/21/2016

For news, upcoming shows and other information about Minor Moon, visit their official website, Facebook page and find their music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

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