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Bryde | EP2 (new release)

Album cover of Bryde "EP2"

After gracing us with her impressive debut solo EP earlier this year, UK-based Bryde (a.k.a. Sarah Howells) returns with the equally stunning EP2 (Seahorse Music). Like its predecessor, EP2 contains four brand new original songs that range from edgy and energetic to warm and emotional. A lead single “Honey” was released a month or so back and gave us a glimpse into the most energetic, full band powered track yet from Bryde. Clocking in at just two minutes, this catchy number gets you rocking from the very first notes, with tempo and volume that demands your attention from the start. “Honey” is upbeat and melodic, with raw vocals and lyrics that evoke feelings of dare without hesitation or regret: “Take the honey and watch the good times roll, ‘cause I got nothing to lose”.

BRYDE "HONEY" (Official Music Video)

The lead track on the EP (“Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good”) picks up where “To Be Loved” from EP1 left off. Carefully placed guitar string notes accentuated by occasional string bends, along with Bryde’s slow and subdued vocals – this defines the space in which the remainder of the song plays out. A melodic bridge transitions us to steady guitar strums and the slightly tense delivery of “Wouldn’t that make you feel, wouldn’t that make you feel good?” before resuming the calm, more subdued feeling from the start of the track.

The remaining tracks on the EP (“Just” and “Transparent”) are two of the warmest and most stunning tracks from Bryde - similar in style to “Nectar” and “Wait” (from EP1) and “Oh Tender” (from the Chocolate Factory Sessions). Both are slow and beautiful, and showcase how sweet, melodic and emotional Bryde can carry and deliver a song. In particular, “Transparent” is a definite standout track on this EP, with lyrics that seem to hint at letting go and ceasing intervention: “You don’t need to care anymore who sees you” and “I can’t save you from yourself”. It is a perfect ending to the EP and leaves us desperately wanting more great music from this incredibly talented singer-songwriter.

For additional news, music and information, follow Bryde on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out her official website. EP2 (and Bryde’s prior releases) are available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and SoundCloud.

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