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Artist Spotlight - Anna Pancaldi "Dear Joey,"

image of Dear Joey CD artwork

It is hard to believe that Anna Pancaldi is an unsigned artist, after listening to her music and watching her live performances. I doubt that this will be the case for long. "Dear Joey," is this talented UK singer-songwriter's second EP release, and is the first of a series of EP's that are named after and dedicated to her siblings.

"Runaway" is the powerful, featured song that opens the EP with Anna's voice starting deep, and is accompanied simply by the strumming of her guitar. It doesn't take long for the song to transition to Anna belting out the catchy chorus - demonstrating how well she masters the higher octaves and conveys how the tired, busy people only have time to stop and stare, and need to run away:

"So runaway, runaway, runaway

I said runaway like the rest

So find a way, find a way, find a way

For there has been so much loss

We don't need this, we don't need this, we don't need this now

So runaway, runaway, runaway"

RUNAWAY (Official Video):

"Come on Love" is a beautiful, soulful ballad, with a dash of class folk, simply produced with guitar and strings, that will give you chills as Anna eases into the anthemic, moving chorus:

"Oh judge me tonight | Come on love, come on love | Don't cry | Come on love

With no bow at our back | Just forget what we lack | You can only try tonight"

The EP ends with "All That I Am", with just Anna and her guitar, singing "Won't you teach me to rewrite the lines?" The song is a perfect, delicate, yet pleading ending to the EP, and leaves you wanting more.

I recently had the opportunity to meet this amazing singer-songwriter and see her perform in Nashville, as part of her first US tour (New York, Nashville, Los Angeles). The following live video of Anna performing "Come on Love" (from a recent UK performance) gives you an idea of what's in store if you have the the chance to see her perform live.

COME ON LOVE (live performance):

Anna is busy recording her third, as yet untitled, EP that we can look forward to hearing sometime soon. In the meantime, be sure to also check out her debut EP "Black Tears", that contains another 5 excellent songs (including the single "Out Ahead"). The EP is available for streaming/purchase on most digital music services.

And if you're able to, check out her own brand of Elderflower Gin ("Joe's Gin" bottled by Mason's). I'm guessing that its availability is limited to the UK (i.e., not available in the US).

One final note: To hear Anna singing something you can dance to, take a listen to the catchy, one-off song ("A Little Bit of Love") she co-wrote specifically for a LEVI's UK marketing campaign a while back.

Visit Anna Pancaldi's official website, Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter page for more information.

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