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Squirrel Flower | Planet EP (new release)

One of the most impressive indie album releases of 2020, Squirrel Flower's Planet (i), has a sequel - or prequel, depending on how you look at it. Planet EP is out! Comprised of seven demos and unreleased tracks orbiting Planet (i), the new EP is a magical collection of seven lo-fi, formative compositions drenched in emotion, harmony and raw beauty - and a necessary accompaniment to Planet (i).

Squirrel Flower's creative force, Ella Williams, comments on social media: "I've always felt that the pieces and process and secrets behind a finished record are the most important parts. Releasing this EP is an exercise in self trust and experimentation. Not all songs need to be precious and kept for the exact right time, not all recordings need to be perfect."

Listening to Planet EP conjures up a bit of nostalgia for me. I think back to the early 90's and the magical, partially finished demos and melodies of Warren Defever and His Name Is Alive. The residents of Planet EP conjure up the same fascinating and mesmerizing sensations for me. It's the perfect chill out music to accompany lightly falling snow on a still, winter afternoon, as well as being impactful and elevating on any occasion. Absolutely gorgeous in every way.

My favorite tracks include the sweet and melodic "your love is a disaster," the touching, unpretentious cover of Björk's "unravel," and "ruby at dawn" with its minimalist atmosphere comprised of synths, beats, organ, and Ella's mesmerizing, melodic vocals.

Give both Planet EP and Planet (i) a dedicated start-to-end listen and be sure to catch Squirrel Flower on her upcoming tour dates if you can.

For more information about Squirrel Flower, visit her official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and find her music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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