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Malin Andersson | Space to Feel (new album)

In the landscape of music, the sophomore album often represents a crucial litmus test for an artist's longevity and creative evolution. UK-based Scandinavian singer-songwriter Malin Andersson stirred hearts and minds in 2018 with Follow, her stunning debut album filled with a unique blend of acoustic, indie folk melodies and introspection. This talented musician steps onto the stage once more with her new album, Space to Feel, an exploration into self-determination and an individual's search for their own personal harmony with nature. This is an album that captivates and resonates with its impressive blend of artistry and depth.

Malin's distinctive style, which draws influences from Scandinavian melodies combined with a hint of English folk and reflective lyrics, is present throughout the ten breathtaking songs that comprise Space to Feel. Originally from the Swedish village of Tibro, Malin grew up in a musical household and at the age of eight started writing her own songs, inspired by Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Anna Ternheim, plus author Virginia Woolf and Swedish poets Edith Södergran and Karin Boye.

Reflecting on the differences from her first album, Malin comments, "I've given myself more time and space on this release, allowing me to be more conscious of choosing the right tunes. The songs mainly reflect the journey I've been on, and still am, with accepting my own sensitivity, and as a result it's meant a lot for my own personal development." She adds, "Along the way I've connected with more like-minded people who I can relate to and hope the album encourages others to be themselves, not rush into decisions and give themselves the space to sit with their feelings."

Space to Feel opens with "Ships in the Night," with its dreamy melodies and introspective lyrics, a song that sets the tone for the remainder of the album. This song is a standout and my personal favorite from the album. Malin's dreamy, mesmerizing vocals soar effortlessly alongside a breezy, atmospheric acoustic production. Speaking to the lyrical theme of the song, Malin comments, "I've always had a feeling in me of being 'too late' or 'too soon,' constantly wondering if I'm in the right place at the right time and whether it's up to me to make the big decisions or leave it to some higher power. I often reflect on the interplay between life's clock and the celestial constellations – this song grew from those thoughts."

We’re like ships in the night, it seems

That it’s too late or too soon

But your heart is still so curious of mine

Even if it's not sane or if we both lose

I’ve been wondering where you were all this time

Prior single releases, "Reef," "Avalon," and "How It's Supposed to Feel" are all featured on Space to Feel along with several new, outstanding compositions. In the contemplative track, "Earth," Malin reflects on the collective sense of feeling powerless on the environmental crisis and climate change.

"Signs," a narrative about Malin's experience of growing beyond a community that once provided a sense of belonging, has a musical vibe that is reminiscent of 90's UK singer-songwriter Heidi Berry. Malin comments on the song, "It's a story about recognizing signs, bravely letting go of relationships that no longer align with your journey and trusting you'll find stability, regardless of the outcome."

Space to Feel concludes with the beautiful, heartfelt "Every Day Holds a Promise," a touching tribute to Malin's grandmother, who passed away a few years back. Malin comments, "She was not just a grandmother but also one of my closest friends. Our conversations delved deep into life and she imparted wisdom on how to approach challenges with a positive mindset. One of her enduring sayings was ‘you shouldn't grieve the day that hasn't yet come,' so conveying the idea that there's no point in worrying about future sorrows." Malin adds, "I transformed her wisdom into the phrase 'every day holds a promise,' emphasizing the idea that each day brings something new and unforeseen, so encouraging a positive outlook on the unknown possibilities of the present."

So, grab your headphones, settle into your favorite listening spot, and immerse yourself in the brilliance of Malin Andersson's Space to Feel - a gentle, breathtaking, and uplifting listen that recharges the psyche.

With that, we leave you with the breathtaking music video for "Ships in the Night," directed by Alex Simpson.

For more information about Malin Andersson, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), visit her official website, and listen to her music on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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