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pure xtc | Ghost (debut single)

The seeds of pure xtc, the new project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Hughes, were sown during an extremely isolating time of her life. Living truly on her own for the first time, she moved to the NYC metro in 2019. Time was spent crying on subways, climbing new rooftops, meeting new people, avoiding new people, feeling extremely fulfilled to feeling like a hollow empty shell.

Having recently relocated to Kansas City, MO, Taylor finds fresh perspective and sees the timing right to officially launch pure xtc in the form of her impressive debut single, "Ghost." Tackling the emotions and patterns associated with unintentional self-isolation, "Ghost" presents a brooding, percussive reflection on feeling like a living ghost, with Taylor's haunting and melodic vocals, taking the listener through the highs and lows of this mesmerizing sonic journey.

In the single's press release, Taylor elaborates, "Have you ever felt alone at a table of friends? Maybe you didn’t even make it to the restaurant because they stopped asking you to hangout, after you’ve said no too many times. Because laying alone in bed with pizza and tequila felt a lot easier than explaining why you 'look so sad' all the time. Yeah, I’ve been there. Isolating myself and then wondering where everyone went, turning myself into a literal ghost town."

Ghost ghost

No I’ll never be your

Ghost ghost

I’ll never be one

Living for cheap thrills

I’ve got a pocket of pills

Now I’m floating like a ghost

Recorded in Talyor's home studio, produced and mixed by Walter Kazmier of Silk City Grooves Studio, and mastered by Mike Piacentini of Sony Entertainment’s Battery studios, "Ghost" is the just the beginning of the pure xtc musical journey, where additional singles and a debut EP are planned for the near future.

Readers may recognize Taylor as one-third of NYC indie/electronic trio EXNATIONS. Aside from Taylor's pure xtc project, some exciting side projects from the band's other two members are also taking shape. Sal Mastrocola recently debuted his one-man, bedroom post-hardcore project GATTO BLACK, while John O'Neill recently launched his first podcast about mid-century modern design called "The Perspecta."

And with that, we leave you with the official lyric video for "Ghost," featuring clips of Taylor in a TV performing along to the track.

For more information about pure xtc, visit the official project website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and find pure xtc's music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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