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Ohly | Maybe It's You (new single and video)

Detroit-based indie folk singer-songwriter Ohly (a.ka. Christian Ohly) debuts "Maybe It's You," the first in a series of singles leading up to his forthcoming album, Miracle. This charming, upbeat song transitions from its spirited, strummed acoustic intro and verse to handclaps and warm background vocals, before bursting into its lively full-band chorus.

Ohly's heartfelt and dynamic vocals fondly recall the night he introduces himself to Julia as she is leaving the bar at which he is performing. The two end up talking all night and laughing into the morning. As the lyrics recount, Julia is the one who brings him into the light and gives him something to write - maybe she's the one. Christian's vivid memories and emotive vocals effortlessly bring the listener along, sentimentally conveying the enchanting backstory of "Maybe It's You."

"Well I think maybe it's you

Yeah we could be alright

You came out of the blue

And brought me into the light

Maybe it's you

You gave me something to write"

"Maybe It's You" was produced by John Katona, with co-production by Christian and Tom Mihalis. The track also features Jimmy Showers (electric guitar), Ian Lukas (bass guitar), Brodie Glaza (drums), with additional vocals by Pia Roa, Steve Davis, and Brad Kelly.

Aside from the studio recording of "Maybe It's You," Ohly just released a stunning live video performance of the track, recorded at JK NK Studios, with Ian Lukas (upright bass, vocals), Jade Nicole (shaker, vocals), and video/audio production by Christian, Eddie Xia, Tom Mihalis, and John Katona.

While we await the additional singles and forthcoming album, be sure to check out Ohly's prior EP releases, EP (2017) and Landlines (2021), follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find his music on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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