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Malin Andersson | Reef (new single and video)

Following her stunning 2018 debut album Follow, which received critical acclaim from both the UK and Swedish press, Scandinavian singer-songwriter Malin Andersson returns with "Reef," the first single from her upcoming album, Space To Feel.

Recorded between London and Grästorp, Sweden with co-producer Anders Rane and mastering engineer Moritz Hausler (Bat For Lashes, Marina And The Diamonds, HONNE), "Reef" is mesmerizing, encouraging and soothing for the restless psyche. Malin's enchanting, elegant vocals beautifully blend with the song's lush soundscape of ethereal guitars and textured strings. You can also hear solo artist and good friend of Malin, Lyla Foy, on backing vocals, along with drummer Felix Matthews. "Reef" is a gorgeous, welcome follow-up to the breathtaking journey that Follow established, and an exciting, promising glimpse at what Space To Feel will offer.

The idea behind "Reef" grew from concerns around the world's environmental crisis and humanity's elemental connection to nature. The song likens humanity's direction of travel to a ship that's sailed into a reef and is now stuck, trying to re-establish some sort of balance, both collectively and individually. Malin says of the release: "'Reef' is the first in a collection of songs I'm writing about 'high sensitivity,' deciding to no longer apologise for my own vulnerability whilst encouraging others to do the same. It's a gift to be sensitive, use it and don't hide it!"

"How can I remain - nothing's the same out here

How can we unfold - to be something worthier

How could I explain - nothing's the same to me you see

how can this unfold - it's not what it ought to be

not what it ought to be

Caught on a reef

Caught by the reef"

Originally from the Swedish village Tibro, Malin grew up in a multi-generational musical household and at the age of eight she started writing her own songs. Citing musicians Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Anna Ternheim, plus author Virginia Woolf, along with Swedish poets Edith Södergran and Karin Boye as inspiration, Malin's gentle finger-style guitar, contemplative lyrics and evocative melodies soon caught the attention of SKAP (the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors), who presented her with the prestigious SKAP Award for Emerging Artists & Songwriters. Later, Malin moved to London where she collaborated with various songwriters and producers developing her sound.

Accompanying the release of "Reef" is the track's picturesque, lyrically-inspired music video, shot by London-based film director Alex Simpson. Known for her work with Apple, Channel 4, Guardian and The BFI, Alex collaborated with Malin in pulling together imagery inspired by the lyrics and shot it on both digital and super-8 formats, creating a perfect amalgam of sound and vision.

Aside from more new music on the horizon, keep an eye out for Malin's showcase performance at the upcoming Swedish Festival, Future Echoes (February 17-19).

For more information about Malin Andersson, visit her official website, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find her music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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