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Malin Andersson | Follow (debut album)

Malin Andersson by Ania Badura

From one listen to the opening track of Follow, the debut album from emerging London-based, Swedish singer-songwriter Malin Andersson, you know you're about to embark on one mesmerizing and truly magical musical journey. The eleven reflective tracks that comprise this outstanding album paint an elegant and expansive soundscape that conjures up sensations and images of crisp ocean breezes, rolling waves and windswept clouds. Fingerstyle acoustic guitar, cello, and minimal, emotive synths weave the tapestry upon which Malin's enchanting, delicate and melodic vocals present the passages of Follow.

"We're out on deep water love - I know, I know

It will only get deeper from here love - I know, I know

Don't let go, don't let me go"

With its origins in a PledgeMusic campaign from 2017, Follow quickly surpassed its targeted fundraising goal and was officially released in 2018. My favorite tracks are "Deep Water", "Follow", "Those Eyes" and "A Million Faces", but I'm sure you'll find your own favorites when you listen - and it won't just be one!

I try to avoid drawing comparisons to other musical artists, but I think they often help draw in new listeners - they are all with sincere intent and, in my mind, place Malin on equivalent standing with these musical talents. I hear nuances of Ane Brun ("Today", "Different"), Anna Ternheim ("A Million Faces"), Hafdis Huld ("The Truth", "Simple Life"), Enya ("Follow", "Those Eyes") and even hints of Dead Can Dance (on the moving, instrumental track "Golden").

Comparisons aside, Follow is completely original and breathtaking, with brilliant songwriting, firmly presenting itself as a cohesive whole - an album that fills a room with gorgeousness. Malin is clearly a talented musician with a great potential for international breakthrough, and I can't wait to hear more great music from her.

On that note, we leave you with a video clip of Malin presenting a stunning, stripped down acoustic version of album track and single "Deep Water."


For more information about Malin Andersson, visit her official website, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find her music on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

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