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Iris Marlowe | Jesus was a Communist (new single)

In her latest single, alt-country/folk musician Iris Marlowe offers the listener a penny for their thoughts that "Jesus was a Communist." The single marks the Chicago-based singer-songwriter's first release of original music since her cinematic alt/outlaw country album, Where the Devil Bid the Owl Goodbye (2022).

The Chicago-based singer-songwriter was inspired to write the provocative country-flavored folk ballad in the midst of rights being taken away from women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA community. Lyrically, the song is a reflection on the hypocrisy of the treatment of those that don’t fit the mold of religious expectations.

Iris comments, "As a musician in the country music landscape it’s very important to me to make music that’s inclusive. We are in a world where human rights are being taken away from the queer community." She adds, "I’m so proud to put out a song that speaks out against bigotry towards queer people when it comes to organized religion... I want my music to be a safe space for those who don’t feel heard in the country music community."

Originally from a small farm town, Iris developed her taste in music by listening to Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, and Nancy Sinatra. These sounds stayed with her throughout her songwriting career. Iris' experiences and journey as a songwriter eventually came together in the form of her 2019 debut album, Savannah - a blend of dreamy, nostalgic, and acoustic songs. With songwriting giving Iris a platform to create art out of her experiences, she has since written over 2,000 songs and continues to refine her craft.

Looking on the horizon, Iris recently wrapped up her successful Kickstarter campaign for the making of her forthcoming album and has been on the road performing a series of spring and summer shows across the Midwest and beyond. Be sure to give a listen to this emerging alt country artist and keep an eye out for upcoming live performances in your neck of the woods.

We leave you with a stunning live performance video of "Jesus was a Communist" that was Iris' entry for the Gems in the Rough 2023 contect.

For more information about Iris Marlowe, visit her official website, follow her on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and find her music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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