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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (March 2020)

In this early March installment of "I'm Seeing Songs" as we head into days of steadily increasing daylight and the imminent end of winter, we feature six captivating and noteworthy music videos that showcase the artist performance, location and other visual elements that complement and enhance the music itself.

Read on as we feature music videos from Bryde, Mike Mentz, MishCatt, Cobi, I Break Horses, and The Mamas.

Bryde "The Trouble Is"

It's been nearly two years since London-based singer-songwriter Bryde (a.k.a. Sarah Howells) released her mesmerizing debut album, Like an Island, that treated our ears to stunning post-grunge indie gems that included "Less", "Desire" and "Peace." Bryde returns with "The Trouble Is," the first single and taste of new music from her forthcoming album, The Volume of Things. The new single unveils a steady-paced, upbeat, melodic tune packed full of harmony, catchy chorus and Sarah's passionate, lilting and instantly recognizable vocals.

Sarah remarks that the new single is about 'affinity,' the natural liking for and understanding of someone or something, adding "...and it’s about the tricky situations we can get ourselves into when we don’t follow our hearts."

The single's accompanying music video is directed by Our World Is Grey and produced by Thomas Mitchener.

Mike Mentz "Someday"

This one is dedicated to all those who get caught up in their often chaotic and demanding work routines, losing sight of what really matters: family, following your dreams, real living. We tell ourselves we'll "get to it" someday, but someday never comes. Chicago-based #travelpop singer-songwriter Mike Mentz tells the story of "Someday" in his new single, taken from the forthcoming album, Souvenir. With an ultra-catchy melody, clever lyrics and Mike's gleaming, resonant vocals, "Someday" is sure to become an instant earworm and hopefully a subtle, melodic reminder to not let life pass you by.

Directed by Mike Mentz and John Eiberger, the accompanying music video for "Someday" is set in a Chicago high rise and follows corporate executive Mike throughout his frantic workday full of emails, texts and lots of coffee.

MishCatt "PAVO"

Hailing from Costa Rica, and currently based in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and underground indie pop queen MishCatt aims to electrify your mind and body with her energetic new single, "PAVO." I can guarantee that the song and accompanying music video will both leave lasting impressions and have you singing and dancing along to this incredibly infectious and lively indie-electronic gem.

"PAVO" was written by MishCatt together with Pontus Winnberg (Amason) and Christian Olsson (OLSSON). The track's entertaining and amusing music video was produced by Gravina Films.

Cobi "No Way Out"

Nothing captures my attention like an entrancing live performance from an über-talented singer-songwriter who needs nothing more than their voice and a single instrument to deliver a song. Case in point is this incredible live performance of "No Way Out" by Minneapolis-based indie singer-songwriter Cobi.

Regarding the theme of "No Way Out," Cobi comments on social media: "It’s about the heavy burden of losing loved ones, dreams getting crushed, and finding yourself down a dark road. Acknowledging the pain is the first step toward healing." The live performance video, recorded at The Village Studios in Santa Monica, was directed by Adam VillaSeñor and Reza Ghassemi.

Cobi comments on the live performance video, "It’s been awhile since I shot live videos in studio like this. I wanted to do something that was raw with no gimmicks. Just a pure heartfelt performance." There's no doubt Cobi achieved his goal in this live performance - watch and listen.

I Break Horses "I'll Be the Death of You"

I first fell in love with the music of Swedish indie-electronic duo I Break Horses with the release of their 2011 debut album Hearts. Consisting of members Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck, the duo recently released two singles from their forthcoming third album, Warnings. One of those tracks is "I'll Be the Death of You," a lush and dreamy, electronic tune that's layered with textured, pulsing synths and hypnotic, mesmerizing vocals. The track's accompany music video, directed by Douglas Hart, paints a bold, vibrant visualization to this spellbinding track.

The Mamas "Move"

Each year, I'm addicted to watching Sweden's Melodifestivalen competition, a series of qualifying musical competitions to determine Sweden's entry into the annual Eurovision Song Contest. With advances in streaming technology, the viewing process in the U.S. has become as simple as opening the SVTPlay app on my Android phone and casting the live competition to my Smart TV.

One track that stands out as a strong contender to win this year's Melodifestivalen is "Move" by The Mamas, a group of three super divas (Ash Haynes, Loulou Lamotte & Dinah Yonas Manna) who made their debut as backup singers for Sweden's 2019 qualifying Eurovision entry "Too Late For Love" by John Lundvik.

Boasting an uplifting R&B musical vibe with bold, soulful vocals loaded with tight harmony, I can't get enough of the energetic vibe and the track's outstanding, hand-clapping a cappella bridge. Watch The Mamas' live performance of "Move" as broadcast a few weeks ago in the first qualifying Melodifestivalen competition.

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