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Harrison Storm | Breathe Again (new EP)

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Harrison Storm paints an enchanting soundscape of new beginnings, calm, and deep breaths with the three songs on his stunning new EP, Breathe Again. Inspired by his childhood surroundings near the beautiful beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, along with the music, poetry and record collection of his parents, Harrison has been creating his own music from an early age. In 2015, Harrison independently released his debut EP, Sense of Home, with the title track having racked up over 65 million steams on Spotify alone.

A delicate acoustic arpeggio leads the listener into the EP's title track, "Breathe Again," before introducing the rhythmic beating drum and layer of resounding vocals that carry the chorus: "And I, I can see everything now | Awakened your heart but buried mine deep underground." Alluding to the sudden realization of a relationship fallen apart, the lyrics focus on being able to breathe again after the fact.

"Be Slow," my favorite track on the EP, is a lovely, carefree and upbeat song that reminds us to not get caught up in the fast, frenzied pace of life that can negatively impact physical and emotional health. Harrison's soft, comforting vocals perfectly complement the song's breezy, rolling acoustic soundscape. "Be Slow" is poignant musical therapy to live by: "Darling, you gotta keep breathing | Lose yourself in the feeling | Just be slow, just be slow | Take it back to that moment | Before you start to feel broken | Just be slow, just be slow"

The EP concludes with "You & I" and its lyrical message about pressing the reset button in a relationship and starting over with a fresh perspective. The beautiful acoustic treatment and less-is-more production, with Harrison's optimistic, emotive vocals, make this a contemplative and heartening ending to Breathe Again: "Maybe we could start again | From a place where we don't pretend | Where everything's alright | Just you and I"

And with that, we leave you with the breathtaking music video for "You & I," filmed in the mountains of Zurich, Switzerland by Peter Paton and edited by Charlie Bristow. The video was shot this past October while Harrison was visiting prior to his European tour. He wanted to see some of the countryside and thought it was a perfect opportunity to film a music video. "After a beautiful car drive, a cable car ride up a steep hill and a bit of a hike, we approached this vantage point," Harrison comments on social media. "I was so excited and as soon as we reached the top, my jaw dropped!! The view was incredibly breathtaking. There’s something so powerful when a landscape can pull you into a moment like that."

For more information about Harrison Storm, visit his official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

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