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DETER | Underneath (new single and video)

Glasgow-based emo/post-hardcore band DETER was founded in late 2017 when several of its core members started working together in their college practice rooms, and later decided to write music and form a band. Within a year and a half, DETER found themselves releasing Wither & Fade, their impressive debut album, which features notable singles, "Pull Me Under," "Telling Myself," and the band's first-ever composition, "Thought You Knew." With a number of line-up changes having taken place since, DETER is currently comprised of founding members Jamie Logan (vocals) and Jonny Follan (guitar), along with Sean Ritchie (guitar) and Dylan McVey (bass).

"Underneath," the band's new single, has been a year in the making and is the first new music from DETER since 2020's "Iniquity" single release. Continuing their work with producer Kieran Smith, DETER crafts their signature sound that combines elements of moderm Emo and post-hardcore, reminiscent of bands such as Casey, Counterparts, Movements and Acres.

With a lyrical theme focused on mental health, "Underneath" generates an electric vibe that neatly juxtaposes Jamie's emotional, melancholic vocals with textured chord progressions and edgy post-hardcore riffs. DETER comments on the track's lyrical theme: "This song is for anyone that has grown up in an unstable home environment and how that can affect a person's mental health."

"You took everything I held close to me

I can't even breathe

You could never see this feeling underneath

Made me feel so weak

Now I'm alone, let me go

Could you live in a broken home?

I don't know how to get better now"

For visual accompaniment to "Underneath," DETER teamed up with videographer Marc Sharp to create a black-and-white themed music video that artfully features each of the band members alongside cinematic images and visuals.

For more information about DETER, visit the band's official website, follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find their music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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