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DETER | Iniquity (new single)

Press photo of DETER by Adam James

Glasgow-based emo/post-hardcore band DETER re-emerges with "Iniquity," their new single and first new music since the release of their impressive 2019 debut album Wither & Fade that brought us breakout singles "Pull Me Under" and "Telling Myself." With an edgy, guitar-driven vibe, "Iniquity" follows in a similar musical vein to the band's energized tracks from Wither & Fade. Frontman Jamie Logan's vocal treatments powerfully carry the torch with the message and melody of "Iniquity" as the electricity of the track gracefully melts into a splendid, dreamlike bridge with spacious guitar arpeggios. In addition to Jamie on vocals, DETER's band membership has consisted of Jonathan Follan (guitar), Daniel Brown (bass), Floyd Elliott (drums), and Sean Ritchie (guitar).

"Iniquity is a song that describes the slow decline of someone's mental health and emotional state. The main concept of the song is that after a long time of feeling down that everything you once saw colour in looks and feels grey," DETER's Jamie Logan explains to SoundThread. "The song leads off on the line 'Depravity Will Be The End Of Me.' This indicates that Moral Corruption within an individual can alter them as a person and seeps into an external recognisable thing and that our own internal struggles change our perception of everything."

DETER worked with producer Kieran Smith (To Kill Achilles) to record "Iniquity," and will continue working with him throughout the year as they write and record new music. But it's not all studio time for the band, as they report that they plan to embark on a series of live performances in the latter half of the year.

And while DETER is immersed in their creative process, enjoy "Iniquity" and give Wither & Fade a listen. Follow DETER on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and find their music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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