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Cryote | Your Love (cover song)

80's chart-topping single "Your Love," originally performed by English rock band The Outfield, gets a fresh, downtempo makeover by Cryote, the music project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Schmidt.

Easy, acoustic fingerstyle leads off Cryote's spectacular cover version. A spacious undercurrent of emotive synths and prominent drums gradually enter with Josh's soaring, echoing vocals and harmony carrying "Your Love" to its gentle close. "Put on your jean jacket and get all moody to this one," Josh comments on social media. "Thanks to all the beautiful souls that helped me put this together."

Aside from a few single collaborations with Minneapolis singer-songwriter Michael Shynes, "Your Love" is the first new music release to follow Cryote's stunning 2021 debut album, Cathedral Of The Pines, which features one of my favorite all-time tracks, "Good Medicine." Outside of his solo Cryote project, readers might recognize Josh as the frontman of Minneapolis-based indie rock band Step Rockets.

With his Cryote project and the current single, Josh is responsible for everything you hear in the final product (vocals, guitars, bass, snyths, production), with the exception of drums (Nate Babbs), mixing (The Filter Lab), mastering (Makoa Johnson), artwork (B Side Graphics) and photography (Noukee F).

While the Cryote cover of "Your Love" makes its official release now, Josh remarks, "I’ve been playing it live for years but had never recorded it. It was kinda a goal of mine. Hopefully it will reach some new fans." He adds, "I’m a big fan of 80's music as one can tell from Step Rockets, but I wanted to put my own moody millennial spin on a classic. I’ve never released a cover and I wanted something I could make my own."

For listeners who await more new original tunes from Cryote, Josh reveals that he's working on the next Cryote album, and that there may be more occasional cover tracks in between releases.

For more information about Cryote, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and find Cryote's music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, CDBaby, Spotify and Apple Music.

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