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Cryote | Good Medicine (new single)

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Joshua J. Schmidt sings about the medicine of love that comforts us in the darkest of times in the stunning new Cryote single, "Good Medicine." The new single is the second song to surface from his new solo project and forthcoming debut EP, Cathedral of the Pines. Some readers may already recognize Joshua as lead vocalist, songwriter and one-third of the vibrant, acclaimed indie-rock band Step Rockets.

Performed, written and produced by Joshua, the musical vibe of "Good Medicine" is infectiously upbeat, with some pretty outstanding acoustic guitar hooks and an infectious, feel-good chorus.

"You don't care just where I've been

You give me that good medicine

Like a spoonful of sugar for my suffering

Your love is good medicine"

In contrast to the punchy, spirited rhythm and melody of "Good Medicine," the song's lyrical theme finds its origins in the more serious and real-life themes of grief and healing. Joshua comments, "'Good Medicine' is born from the trails in life that force us to dig down deep and find gems of light and happiness even in the darkest corners of our lives. This song is an antidote to the pain and terror of losing one of your closest loved ones to a vicious disease while mustering up all the love you can give them just to make it through the day."

"Good Medicine" was not originally the upbeat song we hear in its final form. Joshua explains, "I wrote and recorded this song in my home studio in between doctor appointments for my father. Living each day to our fullest, knowing that we were running out of time. All I could give was 100% of my heart to positivity and joy so it turned from an introspective folk song to a sugary pop tune. Through dealing with it all I am discovering there is a medicine of love so strong that it can comfort us in the darkest of times."

The single's cover artwork is a collage created by Joshua, and complements the promoted visual theme of the Cryote moniker. He remarks, "The cover art [...] represents the mysterious healing power of the earth. My father spent a lot of time in the woods hunting, exploring and meditating in his own way. This song is a dedication to the healing I have been searching for."

While we await more Cryote music, be sure to also check out debut single "So Much Nature" and the animated 'visualizer' video below for "Good Medicine."

For more information on Cryote, follow the project on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), and find Cryote's music on SoundCloud, CDBaby, Spotify and Apple Music.

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