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Bird Fight | Stay In (debut single and video)

Bird Fight is the music project of singer-songwriter Christian Ohly and songwriter-producer John Katona. With a unique style of music that's most appropriately characterized as 'folktronica,' Bird Fight blends elements of electric guitar and vocals within a subtle electronic tapestry weaved of analog synths, sequencers, and filters. The result is a delicate juxtaposition of otherwise disparate sounds within an engaging sonic landscape, with Christian's emotive, yearning vocals soaring above the music.

"Stay In" is the duo's impressive debut single and is a song that's been in the making for quite some time. Band member John wrote "Stay In" and the remainder of the tracks on the duo's forthcoming Hugshake EP a decade or so ago. The songs were comprised of entirely sampled instruments/sounds and analog synthesizers. A few years ago, Christian revisited the songs, wrote lyrics and sang on them while home from college on Christmas break. The lyrics and vocal melodies on Hugshake portray a five-song package on comfort, heartbreak and, though written before the pandemic, themes that tie into what many were thinking during stay-at-home orders.

Christian and John recently recorded and posted (to YouTube) a live, one-take cover of Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight," with no pre-recorded loops or computer. They recently followed up with a live performance of "Stay In," with video by Matthew Hamilton.

Bird Fight is set to release their second single, "Fine," on January 29 and reports they have some additional live videos on the way.

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