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Anna Pancaldi | No More Make Believe (new single)

The last new music we heard from London based singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi was the single "Bend," her striking collaboration and duet with musician Curtis Walsh. Anna now returns with a stunning live performance of her new single, "No More Make Believe," a song she dedicates to all those we love and have lost.

One listen to this emotional, touching ballad gently plucks the deepest heartstrings in the listener, instilling inner calm and comfort within. Anna's emotive vocals, along with the song's deeply personal lyrics and gentle acoustic soundscape, encourage pause and reflection.

"I recorded this live, back in my home town, Colchester, on a stage where I have performed so many times. A stage that has held my joy, my tears, my fears, during so many poignant times," Anna comments. "It's always a nervous time when releasing music, letting go of songs that have been kept close. I usually pull apart most of the songs I've written and don't normally have any favourites, but this one is a special one for me."

The UCC live performance of "No More Make Believe" is one of the cleanest, polished live recordings I've heard. Many artists would agree that not all live performance recordings do proper justice to the essence of a song. "No More Make Believe," however, is clearly an example of the best possible outcome for a live recording.

Anna comments, "'No More Make Believe' was one of the few songs that cascaded out. A song that needed little reworking, but simply to find the words to latch onto that would honour the melody, expressing my innermost thoughts of loss." She continues, addressing the track's central theme, "This song speaks of the greatest loss, which we all can relate to in some way, and some of the words we'd perhaps share with those now unreachable. Once we've experienced loss, we're never quite the same, morphed anew carrying the weight of those now passed. This is for all those we love and have lost."

"But when you come around,

You come around

I'm gonna sing for you

All the songs I wrote just for you"

"There will be no more make believe

'Cos you'll be here

There will be no more play pretend

'Cos you'll be here"

Regarding the striking accompanying artwork for "No More Make Believe," Anna reveals, "I wanted the artwork for my new single to portray the physical and mental yearning of reaching towards someone no longer reachable. The image in my mind was that of two people outstretching in deep longing towards one another. Artwork created by the brilliantly talented Leigh Tuckniss Art, thank you for capturing the absolute essence of my thoughts and feeling."

Aside from the single release itself, the official accompanying live performance video for "No More Make Believe" is scheduled for an October 4 launch. So, there's something to mark on your calendars!

For more information about Anna Pancaldi, visit the artist's official website, follow on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and listen to Anna's music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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