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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (November 2019)

Video still from Katey Brooks - Trouble So Hard

In this installment of "I'm Seeing Songs," we cast the spotlight on six captivating and noteworthy music videos that showcase the artist performance, location and other visual elements that complement and enhance the music itself.

In this post, we feature video selections from Moxi, Charlie Cunningham, Katey Brooks, Beth Keeping, Running Red Lights, and Peyote Ugly. Enjoy!

Moxi "Wolves"

Los Angeles-based indie pop duo Moxi returns with its dreamy new single "Wolves," a song about emerging from the dark days and struggles associated with anxiety and depression. Comprised of Anna Toy (vocals) and Andy Toy (keyboards, programming), "Wolves" is the first new music from the duo in nearly two years. On their Instagram page, Anna remarks, "I wrote this song about my own personal struggles with mental health and I feel so empowered to share it with you. This song means a lot to me." The single's scenic and breathtaking video was filmed on the coast of Washington and was directed by Matthew Champagne and Grant Jensen.

Charlie Cunningham "Headlights"

"Headlights," featured on Charlie Cunningham's gorgeous sophomore album, Permanent Way, is the latest single to receive its very own video treatment. Directed by Sam Harper, the cinematic video features the London-based singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire in a series of shifting frames, interspersed with some artful shots of Charlie on the acoustic guitar.

Katey Brooks "Trouble So Hard"

Bristol-based indie singer-songwriter Katey Books and director Michael Sides headed into the woods to create the scenic and mysterious music video for "Trouble So Hard," the traditional, bluesy, reverb-laden closing track to Katey's brilliant album REVOLUTE. Katey remarks, "The song means a lot to me, because I’ve always related to it on a gut level. It feels like something I’d write, in some other way. Most, or at least some of us, know that feeling of being on our knees with life and ready for surrender, and I feel like 'Trouble So Hard' expresses that. It’s catharsis." About the video itself, Katey explains, "The story is all about my hearing this sound, and hunting it down, like a drug. Or rather, a solution. The hope is that the viewer receives and connects with that feeling."

Beth Keeping "San Francisco"

With its delicate pop soundscape, heartfelt vocals and sunny melody, "San Francisco," the outstanding new single from Surrey singer-songwriter Beth Keeping, tells the story of letting go of a moment or person and wondering what may happen if only you had another chance. Beth wrote the song after a five week backpacking trip across South East Asia found her connecting with someone from San Francisco. A missed opportunity left the singer thinking, "I'll probably never see you again, but if I'm ever in San Francisco would you care?" The song's accompanying music video was filmed by Beth, with editing from Vic Allen, and showcases the stunning sights and scenery of the "city by the bay".

Running Red Lights "Safety Pin"

Toronto indie pop/folk band Running Red Lights presents a gorgeous classic country throwback ballad with their new single, "Safety Pin." The superb combination of heartbreaking lyrics set to a weeping slide guitar, and melodic harmonized vocals yields a truly touching song. "Safety Pin" is the sound of two people accepting the sad and tragic realization that love is not just gone, but may never have existed in the first place. The story of "Safety Pin" is personal, with the recent break up of band members Kevin Howley and Scarlett Flynn. The death of their 13 year romance followed shortly after the song was written.

"Fastened on we won't let go

No matter how it hurts us both

we stay pinned inside this hard embrace

with someone we never loved in the first place"

The music video for "Safety Pin" features Scarlett and Kevin in the 'hard embrace' - a poignant visual accompaniment to this beautiful and moving song.

Peyote Ugly "Myopia"

"Myopia," the latest single release from Seattle-based synth-psych band Peyote Ugly, is a fresh, guitar-driven indie gem with solid songwriting, powerful vocals and infectious guitar hooks. Comprised of Noah Packard, Brennan Moring, Elliot Preston, the trio's lyrical homage to nearsightedness (myopia) gives a musical nod to 70's progressive-pysche rock, and receives a colorful, artful visual treatment in the single's accompanying music video, filmed and directed by Kyle Todaro.

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