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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (August 2019)

In this installment of "I'm Seeing Songs," our music video lens spans back over the past month or so to spotlight six captivating and noteworthy music videos that cast the spotlight on the artist performance, location and other visual elements that complement and enhance the music itself.

In this post, we feature video selections from Whitney, Matt Lovell & Leigh Nash, Transit Club, Theo Kandel, Francie, and Charlie Cunningham. Enjoy!

Whitney "Used To Be Lonely"

Taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, Forever Turned Around, Chicago-based indie band Whitney releases their Chicago-themed music video for their single, "Used To Be Lonely." With a well-crafted, tasteful spotlight on several iconic and nostalgic Chicago area landmarks (e.g., Music Box Theater, Bunny Hutch and Novelty Golf, Chicago lakefront), the song's cinematic music video, directed by Austin Vesely, nicely complements the track's laid back, reflective vibe that features Whitney's distinctive vocal style, along with some stunning brass/horn accompaniments.

Matt Lovell & Leigh Nash "Dime Adiós (Say Goodbye To Me)"

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Matt Lovell teams up with friend and fellow musician Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer) to deliver the gorgeous, acoustic, Americana-western ballad "Dime Adiós (Say Goodbye To Me)." Overflowing with tight harmonies, sweet emotion and warmth, you'll be humming along to this infectious number long after it ends. Check out the official performance video for the track to take in the enchanting collaboration of these two musical talents.

Transit Club "Pretend"

Swedish indie music collective Transit Club (formerly Sthlm Transit Club) releases a pair of scenic, transit/travel-oriented music videos to accompany their two recent singles, "Garden" and "Pretend." In the video for the uplifting, melodic "Pretend," we accompany Transit Club frontman and public transit enthusiast Steve Motion along with Silje the dog on their wanderings around Stockholm. Aside from the upbeat track, the music video nicely presents many of the recognizable sites and attractions of the city that's often called the Venice of the north.

Theo Kandel "Elliot (Living Room Session)"

I discovered the music of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Theo Kandel at a recent Sofar Sounds performance in Chicago. With nothing more than his acoustic and electric guitars and captivating, emotive voice, he effortlessly guided the audience through a stunning series of his own compositions that ranged from the entertaining "Cheerios and Chocolate Milk", to the upbeat, interactive "Everybody Else," and the deeply personal "Elliot" - a beautiful and moving song which just received its official music video premiere. Watch Theo's live, one-take 'Living Room Session' performance of "Elliot," directed by Chris Hornbuckle, and keep your eye on this emerging, crazy-talented musician.

Francie "Your Way"

Hailing from Siena, Italy, Francie is the musical moniker of singer-songwriter Francesca Raffagnino. Her 2017 debut EP, The Waste Land, introduced her refreshing and mesmerizing style of acoustic, indie alternative music, supported by her sophisticated songwriting and elegant, dreamlike vocals. Imagine a modern-day Joni Mitchell meets St. Vincent and early 90's His Name Is Alive.

Francie has already released three impressive singles ahead of her forthcoming second musical project (due late 2019): the gorgeous "Aiora," the edgy/trip-hop "Losers Gonna Be Winners" and the enchanting "Your Way," the video featured here.

Charlie Cunningham "Don't Go Far (Live Session)"

I seriously can't get enough of watching London-based singer-songwriter Charlie Cunningham play the acoustic guitar. I was lucky to catch him on his brief opening performance for RY X earlier this year in Chicago, and I was completely blown away by this über-talented singer-songwriter. If you haven't yet listened to his new album (Permanent Ways), you're missing out on something really special. Charlie recently recorded a set of impressive, live studio sessions at London's Flesh & Bone Studios. "Don't Go Far" is one of the stunning results. Do yourself a favor - disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world and watch this magical, captivating studio performance.

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