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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (Summer 2019)

Continuing with our second installment of "I'm Seeing Songs" - providing a glimpse into interesting, new indie music videos - we cast the spotlight on the visual accompaniments and interpretations of a handful of notable new songs.

In this summer installment, we feature video selections from Malin Andersson, The Soft Cavalry, #LIFTMEUP (collaboration), Cleargreen, Pieter Nooten, and Amason. Enjoy!

Malin Andersson |"Deep Water"

Taken from London-based singer-songwriter Malin Andersson's breathtaking album, Follow, comes the cinematic and beautifully-filmed music video for the album's opening track, "Deep Water." Written and directed by Nick Denisov, produced by A. K. McCallum, and featuring Malin herself among the video's cast of characters, "Deep Water" depicts a man facing his past life, meeting himself as a little boy. It is a story about love, the fear of looking back, and the pain of letting go.

The Soft Cavalry | "Never Be Without You"

Comprised of husband/wife duo Steve Clarke and Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3), new music project The Soft Cavalry just released its highly-anticipated self-titled debut album, following a series of enchanting, melodic singles. "Never Be Without You" is the duo's most recent single release. Its colorful and charming accompanying music video, animated by James Bates, follows the anything-but-solitary, magical nocturnal journey of its two main characters.

#LIFTMEUP (feat. Debbie Harry, Greko, Sharon Needles, Peppermint & Amanda Lepore)

Coinciding with 2019 World Pride, #LIFTEMUP is the collaborative musical creation of musical artists Debbie Harry, Greko, Sharon Needles, Amanda Lepore, and Peppermint. The video's lyrical message is a simple yet direct reminder to take the time and look out for LGBTQAI+ members who may be struggling, and taking responsibility to empower the most marginalized and embattled among us -- to #LIFTEMUP.

According to the video post on YouTube, streaming proceeds will be donated to LGBTQAI+ charities around the world with the five artists each choosing a different charity with which to align every two months.

Cleargreen | "People"

Hailing from Manchester, indie guitar pop band Cleargreen presents its modern blend of strong hooks and infectious melodies on its brilliant new single, "People." Formed in 2012, the band is comprised of Ali Staley (vocals/guitar), Liam McIver (vocals/bass), Josh Haworth (lead guitar), and Mike Wilcock (drums).

Addressing the duality of good and bad within people, and that we aren't necessarily one or the other, the song's lyrical theme touches on how we desire better lives for ourselves and how we are influenced by the people around us, for better or worse.

Pieter Nooten | "Desire" (demo)

As one of the driving musical forces behind late-80's alternative band, (clan of) Xymox, in its first incarnation, Dutch neo-classical musician Pieter Nooten has gone on to release an impressive series of albums in recent years that feature a stunning combination of piano, strings and subtle electronic textures.

While the music within "Desire" is noted as 'demo', this beautiful and atmospheric new composition is definitely worth sharing in its current form. Bathed in gorgeous, slowly-cascading strings and piano arrangements, the song's accompanying slow-motion video aesthetically complements the reflective mood and emotion conveyed by this moving arrangement.

Amason | "Marry Me Just For Fun"

After a lengthy hiatus, Swedish indie collective Amason is about to release new music in the form of an album in two parts. The accompanying video for their new single, "Marry Me Just For Fun," features Amason's unique and instantly recognizable style of melodic indie, presented through a cast of puppets, courtesy of Swedish director Peter Lennstrand. The breathtaking voice behind the video's main character (a hedgehog) is the remarkable Amanda Bergman.

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