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New Indie Singles (April 2019)

As April draws to a close, we take a look at some of the month's outstanding new indie singles that have landed on our musical radar - from Katey Brooks, Stockholm Noir, Golden Coast, Fauvely, Quinn Lewis, and Trafton. Read on and be sure to give these impressive tracks and artists a listen!


Leading up to her forthcoming album, Bristol-based indie singer-songwriter Katey Brooks releases the stunning "All Of Me," her soulful and inspirational ballad that showcases her heartfelt, expressive vocals and songwriting genius. Katey notes that the song's theme is about contemplating what's important, adding, "It's about being kind, and it's about being true."

Brooks has recently received critical acclaim from such prestigious outlets as Billboard, Gay Times and The Advocate to name a few, and is ready to embark on the next chapter of her musical journey with the release of her new album, Revolute, on May 31.

Watch Katey's impressive live session performance of "All of Me," filmed earlier this year while recording her new album at Modern World Studios.


The anonymous Swedish electronic collective Stockholm Noir returns with its new single, "After You," a merge of strong pulsing beats with a fragile and beautiful vocalist, anonymous as always. The collective has built its artistry and brand through releasing songs and communicating through the music only. Stockholm Noir’s cinematic sound has recently given them impressive features in Swedish films and TV series, including the current Netflix Original Series Quicksand/Störst av allt.

Along with the release, the collective has received numerous questions from their listeners which are now being answered by the first ambassador who goes under the name Skadi. Listen to "After You" and watch Skadi clarify a few selected questions.

GOLDEN COAST | "Contagious"

Los Angeles-based indie pop outfit Golden Coast is comprised of musicians Denny White and Steven Mudd. The duo's latest single release, "Contagious," is true to its title, presenting an upbeat, danceable track with a funky summer vibe, killer hooks and contagious (pun intended) melody. If you've fallen in love with this track, be sure to check out the band's 2016 self-titled EP with outstanding musical gems like "Comeback Kid", "Recess" and more!

FAUVELY | "What The Living Do"

Chicago-based shoegaze/dreampop outfit Fauvely is the creation of singer-songwriter Sophie Brochu, along with bandmates Dale Price, Scott Cortez, and Dave Piscotti. Their stunning new single, "What The Living Do" (named after a collection of poetry by Marie Howe) is a melancholic indie ballad shrouded in swirling guitars, reverb, and Sophie's ethereal, euphoric vocals.

The band's forthcoming EP, This is What the Living Do, is scheduled for May 17 release on Diversion Records.

QUINN LEWIS | "Only Everything"

Nashville-based pop artist Quinn Lewis has been releasing a series of impressive, R&B/indie-pop singles over the past few years, including our 2018 Top 20 pick "In Between" and recent single, "Hanging On" from earlier this year. "Only Everything" is his stunning new single release, falling within the same stellar musical vein with Quinn's smooth, soulful vocals, impressive songwriting and production, and catchy hooks.

TRAFTON | "Winter Blues (demo)"

"Winter Blues (demo)" is the first single from NYC-based alt-pop artist Trafton's forthcoming debut EP, Ice Boy. Coming off as much more than a demo, "Winter Blues" is a gentle, striking piano-driven ballad with a delicate electronic touch. With a chorus that pulses and rolls a bit like Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur," this impressive single creates a gorgeous and expansive atmosphere upon which Trafton's expressive, yearning vocals effortlessly float.

New Hampshire born Trafton (a.k.a. Evan Gordon) is a product of the North Atlantic coast and New England wilderness. He creates sincere alternative indie-pop music at the crossroads of the mainstream and his own, influenced by artists such as Lorde, Banks and Glass Animals, but with a darker feeling.

Check out the accompanying, wintry lyric video for the track filmed and edited by Camila Espinosa.

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