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I'm Seeing Songs | Music Video Spotlight (April 2019)

In another life, when music videos were on regular, round-the-clock rotation on MTV, and when innovative shows like 120 Minutes broadcast dozens of cutting edge, 'alternative' music videos into the night, it was easy to discover new artists. YouTube and social media are the vehicles of the day, but often provide such a massive quantity of content, that the real gems can often go unnoticed.

With the goal of providing a glimpse into interesting, new indie music videos, this blog post launches "I'm Seeing Songs" - the first in a series of posts that spotlight the visual accompaniments and interpretations of a handful of notable new songs.

In this installment, we spotlight video selections from Yumi Zouma, Lissie, Gia Margaret, Paula Frazer & Tarnation, and Wylder. Enjoy!

Yumi Zouma "In Camera"

Taken from the New Zealand band's EP III, Yumi Zouma's new music video sports some tight, clever choreography around this upbeat and infectious, 80's-sounding single - complete with synchronized swimmers. "Just watch" is the only instruction provided at the start of this entertaining video.

Lissie "Dreams" (Piano Version)

Covering Fleetwood Mac's classic "Dreams" and sounding nearly indistinguishable from the iconic Stevie Nicks, Lissie's latest music video gives the viewer a taste of the impressive stripped down versions of songs that feature on her new album, When I'm Alone: The Piano Retrospective.

Gia Margaret "Birthday"

Promoting the upcoming European release of Chicago-based Gia Margaret's debut album, There's Always Glimmer, this creative accompanying visual includes 'blanket', 'old tech' and 'teddy bear' taking part in Gia's dreamlike birthday celebration.

Paula Frazer & Tarnation "Western Star"

To coincide with the worldwide release of Paula Frazer and Tarnation's latest album, What Is And Was, "Western Star" features band performance clips interspersed with the video's story of revisiting and coming to grips with tragic events of the past.

Wylder "Ready To Break"

Taken from Wylder's forthcoming album, be prepared for a bit of hand-clapping and sing-along on the infectious new single from this talented and emerging DC-based, indie-folk band.

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