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KÅRP | Kuiper Belt (new single)

KÅRP photo by Karin Simonsson

With their sights set high above Mother Earth and beyond the Milky Way, Swedish indie collective KÅRP is breaking down barriers with their astounding new single, "Kuiper Belt." This gorgeous and delicate electronic masterpiece is the most impressive release to date from this rising star collective. Anna-Maria Lundberg's majestic vocals cosmically float above the gently pulsing synths and melody that drive "Kuiper Belt" to its anthemic, soaring chorus.

The band takes its inspiration from the paranormal, finding a story in the weightless eternity that they set to music in "Kuiper Belt." KÅRP's sound has been likened to The Knife, Robyn, Grimes and Lorde among others, but in their own words, they refer to what they create as "death disco". "Kuiper Belt" is the last in a series of singles that lead up to the collective's debut album Album I, set for release on April 12.

The band elaborates on the song's theme, explaining: "The Kuiper Belt is an asteroid belt that lies like a wall around our solar system. Loosely formed heavenly bodies in perpetual synchronized motion. A perfect metaphor for cosmic co-existence. Instead of closing down and shutting out, space allows whatever it wants to pass through. We believe in the Kuiper Belt."

The song's lyrical theme hints at promoting inclusion, diversity and freedom. KÅRP adds, "When the world is full of walls, we gaze outwards. Space makes walls obsolete. In the Kuiper Belt, dwarf planets and spacejunk dance in compact darkness, unwavering and unstoppable. We stand for the music called 'death disco'."

KÅRP debuted two years ago with their song "Therapist^2" and has since released singles that include the brilliant "Freak Smile" and "Devotion." These two singles in particular were a contributing factor to KÅRP securing a nomination for newcomer of the year at Sweden's Manifest awards, and placing them on the Gothenburg Post's list of "Artists to Watch" in 2019.

Be sure to keep KÅRP on your musical radar and keep an ear out for more news about their forthcoming debut album. You can follow the band on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and find their music on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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